Manufacturers: Google

Gadgets 16 hours ago

Build Your Smartphone With The Tegra K1 In Google’s Ambitious Project Ara

The race for the device with top specifications keeps on continuing with manufacturers rushing to equip their devices wi...
General 2 days ago

Google+ now added an automatic video enhancer to their features

Thanks to the handheld devices, videos are now much more common than ever a fore. We do expect the quality not to be so ...
Software 2 weeks ago

Install WhatsApp on Desktop Using Continuity-Like Feature – Windows & OS X

Considering the immense popularity of WhatsApp, there are many users who want to be able to use the messaging app on big...
google app engine
Security 2 weeks ago

30+ Vulnerabilities Found in Google App Engine – Security Firm Gets Kicked Off t...

Over 30 vulnerabilities have been discovered in Google’s service as a platform offering,¬†Google App Engine (GAE),...
Samsung Smart Watch
GadgetsSoftware 3 weeks ago

Android Lollipop Released For The Samsung Galaxy S5 – Learn How To Download And ...

After much waiting, screenshots and leaks, true to its word, Samsung has started rolling out Android Lollipop updates fo...
Google captcha
IndustrySecurity 3 weeks ago

Say Hello to reCAPTCHA! Google’s One-Step Plan to Kill Annoying CAPTCHA Tests

Google has announced today that it has launched a new system to differentiate between humans and bots which is way less ...
htc logo
GadgetsSoftware 3 weeks ago

Google Play HTC One M7 And One M8 Getting Android Lollipop Approval On Monday

A while back, HTC’s Google Play Editions for the One M7 and the One M8 seemed to be on the fast track for Android ...
Gadgets 4 weeks ago

Google Nexus 6 Teardown – Beautiful Design Inside Out, Easy to Repair

Featuring 5.9-inch Quad HD AMOLED display, Google’s Nexus 6 arrived this year powered by the Qualcomm’s 2.7 ...
update LG G3 to Android 5.0
GadgetsSoftware 4 weeks ago

LG G3 To Get Android Lollipop By The End Of This Week

After Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s Google Play versions of the One M8 and the One M7 have seen repeated new...
AT&T Logo
Gadgets 1 month ago

Bad News For Nexus 6 Users On AT&T – Company Might Recall Devices

All those who purchased Google’s Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tablet got to enjoy Android Lollipop before other Android use...
samsung galaxy s logo
GadgetsSoftware 1 month ago

All The Android Lollipop Screenshots On The Galaxy S5 Compared And Analyzed

Even though there is quite a lot of time left until we get to see Android Lollipop arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S5, we&#...
htc logo
GadgetsSoftware 1 month ago

Android Lollipop Running With HTC Sense 6 – More Screenshots Surface; Take A Loo...

It looks like things over at HTC seem to be moving quite fast in Android Lollipop territory. Just a short while back, we...
GadgetsSoftware 2 months ago

You can Now Root Android Lollipop on Nexus 9 – Thanks to Chainfire

Chainfire has already managed to root Android Lollipop running on Nexus 9. Factory images for Android 5.0 Lollipop were ...
happy birthday android
Industry 2 months ago

Android Celebrates its 7th Birthday Today – Powers 85 of Every 100 Phones

Android’s birthday is popularly celebrated on November 5 despite all the controversies around the actual / final d...






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