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root Android 5.0 Lollipop
Software 4 days ago

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Coming Soon Possibly to Fix “Memory Leak” Issue

Google had only just beginning to roll out the official Android 5.1 Lollipop update for Nexus smartphones and tablets in…
Software 1 week ago

Update LG Nexus 5 to Resurrection Remix Android 5.1 Lollipop – How to

We have already shared with you a custom ROM to update your Nexus 5 to Android 5.1 Lollipop. However, today comes a more…
Industry 2 weeks ago

Google Brings Back Old Memories With Pac-Man in Google Maps

Remember the days you just sat back, relaxed and played games all day long when getting work done was the least of your …
GamesGeneral 4 weeks ago

Youtube Live to Take on Twitch – To be Announced at E3

Last year Google was denied a buyout of livestreaming platform Twitch. In an effort to alleviate the loss, Google decide…
GadgetsGeneral 4 weeks ago

Google Glass Isn’t Dead Yet It’s Just Hibernating

When Google halted its sales for the Google Glass a few months back in January this year people thought that the gadget …
GamesGeneral 1 month ago

Magic Leap – New Alternate Reality Worth $500 Million

  Magic Leap Inc. announced today that it has completed a $542 million Series B financing. The financing was led by…
nexus 6 logo
GadgetsRumor 1 month ago

Google Engineers Visit LG Factories – Rumors Spark about Nexus 7 being Made by LG

Engineers from Google have reportedly visited LG headquarters sparking rumors that LG will be responsible for the Nexus …
apple google
IndustrySoftware 1 month ago

Google to Bring Official Android Wear Support for iOS – Confirms 4.4 Code

Google has been working on bringing support for iOS devices with Android Wear, “iOS related code” in Android…
chrome logo
General 1 month ago

Google Announced its All New Chromebook Pixel

Google has finally announced its all new Chromebook pixel after being involuntarily mocking about its upcoming Chromeboo…
Unity 5 (1)
GamesSoftware 2 months ago

Unity 5 Announced at GDC

Announced today at the Game Developers Conference, Unity Technologies has just released Unity 5. Unity 5 features an all…
General 2 months ago

Google Announces The Automatic Conversion Of Flash Ads To HTML5, Starting Today

Adobe Flash ads can be converted to HTML5 starting today, announced Google. With the introduction of this new conversio…
General 2 months ago

Google Announces a Chinese Version of Developers YouTube Channel For China

Google is expanding its Android platform for mobile developers in China after the announcement of a local version of its…
General 2 months ago

Google Goes Green Will Be Using Wind Energy to Power The Mountain View Headquarters

Google’s latest deal to power its Mountain View Headquarters with energy that is coming from a Bay area wind farm …
default Android l encryption
General 2 months ago

Google to Launch Android One With Lollipop 5.1 in Indonesia This Month

Google is planning to launch Android One in Indonesia this month and appears to be certain about Android Lollipop 5.1 co…
General 2 months ago

Google Acquires Photo Sharing and Backup App Odysee, Hasn’t Given up on Google+

Google has finally acquired Odysee to improve its social networks by adding more offline and privately shared features t…
GeneralIndustry 3 months ago

Looks Like its Back to The Drawing Board For Google Glass

Google Glass eye-wear which is a high end tech, that made people look like cyborgs, is on its way back to drawing board.…
General 3 months ago

Using Multiple Accounts Becomes Easier, Google Adds Account Switcher to Chrome

Google Chrome’s beta version was equipped with an account switcher tool back in August last year and now the stable ve…
GeneralIndustry 4 months ago

Google’s email service ‘Gmail’ finally blocked in China after months o…

Looks like China has taken additional steps to ensure that Gmail users won’t be able to access the world’s large…






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