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Mirror's Edge (3)
Games 3 weeks ago

Check Out the Amazing Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition

EA and DICE have announced the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition was made to h…
Unravel (2)
Games 3 weeks ago

Unravel – Gameplay Interview of the Beautiful Frostbite Engine Powered Platfomer

GamerHubTV, has released a new video in which Coldwood Interactive founder Martin Sahlin previews the upcoming indie ga…
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Games 3 weeks ago

Dragon Age: Inquisition; How To Export Saved Games To New Generation Consoles

If you originally purchased Dragon Age: Inquisition on the Xbox 360 or PS3 to the Xbox One or PS4 and don’t want t…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront – DICE Talks About Alpha Testing, “Cool Reveals” Incomin…

The Star Wars Battlefront alpha testing is currently undergoing, and the developers from DICE have been sharing some det…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront – PS4 Frame-Rate Test

DigitalFoundry has released a video Frame-Rate Test for Star Wars Battlefront on PS4, putting the E3 2015 gameplay foo…
Games 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Videos, Tons of New 4K Ultra Settings Screenshots and Mor…

Electronic Arts kicked off the Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha testing phase on PC just hours ago, and tons of leaks …
Fifa 16
Games 4 weeks ago

FIFA 16 International Cover Revealed – Features FC Barcelona Star Leo Messi, New N…

Electronic Arts has just revealed the International cover for FIFA 16, which will be available this September for the Pl…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront – Graphics Options And Customization Revealed

The Star Wars Battlefront closed Alpha has been ongoing for the last couple of days, leading to some recent leaks revea…
Havok (1)
GamesSoftware 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted 4, Fallout 4 and More Will Use Havok Tech

Havok provided a press release that includes a list compiled of some of the most impressive games we saw at E3 2015 that…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront Looks Absolutely Breathtaking at 4K

AllGamesBeta has released an absolutely stunning set of 4K screenshots of Star Wars Battlefront at Ultra Settings, from …
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 weeks ago

[Updated] Star Wars Battlefront – PC Closed Alpha Leaked Gameplay

The Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha is already live and PC gamers have been sharing some gameplay videos on YouTube. …
Games 4 weeks ago

Breathtaking – First FIFA 16 Male Version Sceenshots

News: Electronic Arts has released a batch of new screenshots for mens version of FIFA  16 soccer game featuring improv…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront – Alpha Build Already Leaked On Torrent Sites

Star Wars Battlefront is most definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2015, and with the Game Critics Awards Be…
Games 4 weeks ago

Need for Speed 2015 E3 Trailer Remade in GTA V – Grand Theft Speed

YouTuber RavenwestR1 has released an awesome video for Need For Speed’s E3 2015 trailer being recreated in Grand Th…
Battlefront  (9)
E3 2015Games 4 weeks ago

Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2015 Nominations Announced; Star Wars: Battlefront is the…

The 38 judging publications for the 2015 Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 have announced this year’s nominees, comp…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 1 month ago

Star Wars Battlefront – 17 Minutes of Leaked Off-Screen Gameplay Footage

EA and DICE have finally showcased the first gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront, and as expected it looked amaz…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 1 month ago

Star Wars Battlefront – Awesome Smartphone Wallpapers

EA has released a batch of dedicated wallpapers featuring screenshots and artwork from Star Wars Battlefront, showcasin…
Need for Speed (3)
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Need for Speed Gameplay Interview from E3 2015

GamerHubTV has released a video interview with Ghost Games developer Marcus Nilsson in which he shares a few details o…






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