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GamesHumor 2 weeks ago

Best Easter Egg of All Time – Battlefield Hardline Drivable Couch

Battlefield Hardline trial, currently available on Xbox One through EA Access, comes with a drivable couch called “…
Star Wars Battlefront (1)
GamesRumor 2 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront – Gameplay Reveal Might Be Coming Next Month

EA closed a huge deal with Disney, back in 2013, giving them the exclusive rights to publish all Star Wars titles. So fa…
Dragon Age Inquisition (4)
Games 3 weeks ago

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Free Trial for Xbox Live Gold Members on Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition, has been gathering Game of the Year nominations and awards for some time now. It has won the Ga…
GamesSoftware 3 weeks ago

Ex-NVIDIA Driver Developer – “Nearly Every Game Ships Broken”

It seems it’s becoming a trend for games to release broken lately, especially those big AAA games from huge publis…
Battlefield Hardline (2)
Games 3 weeks ago

Battlefield Hardline – 720p on Xbox One vs. 900p on PS4

The resolution battle keeps raging on, and it appears that Battlefield Hardline is the latest game to bring more heat to…
GamesLeak 3 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront gets “Standing Ovation” at GDC – Could Be Using …

Star Wars is making its return to the Big screen this December, and anticipation runs wild for Star Wars Battlefront. At…
Battlefield Hardline (2)
Games 4 weeks ago

Battlefield Hardline Creative Director Talks Campaign

A recent developer diary, which can be viewed below, detailed the importance of the single player experience, in Battlef…
Games 4 weeks ago

EA Shuts Down the SimCity Developer Maxis

It appears that EA has shut the down the developer of SimCity and Spore, Maxis Emeryville. The main Maxis studio has bee…
GamesRumor 4 weeks ago

Star Wars 1313 Might Have Been Resurrected

StarWarsHQ has reported that the Star Wars game being penned by Amy Hennig, is actually Star Wars 1313. Hennig in an int…
Battlefield Hardline (2)
Games 1 month ago

Battlefield Hardline Gone Gold

Battlefield Hardline has just gone gold on all platforms and all regions as stated in the tweet below. #BFHardline is of…
GamesIndustry 1 month ago

Star Wars: Battlefront Set to Release Winter 2015

Sony has revealed their list of games coming for the PlayStation platforms in 2015. The list was released on the Officia…
Games 1 month ago

Mass Effect 4 – Online Component Won’t Take Away From The ‘Massive’ Single P…

Mass Effect 3 was both loved and hated at the same time by many players, but the fact remains that it had a fantastic mu…
Games 2 months ago

Titanfall 2 Might Be Coming To PS4

Console wars have been around ever since the two major competitors in the console world came face to face, namely Sony&#…
Mass Effect
Games 2 months ago

The New Mass Effect Aims to Make Players Feel Proud

The Mass Effect franchise has provided gamers with some of the most imaginative sci-fi worlds ever created. The series r…
Battlefield 4
Games 4 months ago

EA’s Battlefield 5 Will Be Returning to Military Origins in 2016

Battlefield 5 is on course for 2016 and EA seems to have sent out a Press Release, rehashing mostly known facts, to tell…






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