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Star Wars Battlefront (1)
Games 3 hours ago

Star Wars Battlefront – EA Gears Up For The Star Wars Celebration

Earlier this month there was a rumor going around that EA would be present at this years Star Wars Celebration conventio…
BioWare logo
Games 23 hours ago

Bioware Responds to Fans Regarding the Future of Dragon Age & Mass Effect

Bioware addressed some fan questions recently, providing some interesting thoughts regarding the future of some their mo…
Battlefield Hardline (2)
Games 6 days ago

Battlefield: Hardline DRM Won’t Let You Play the Game Due to Too Many Hardware Cha…

Update: A user on reddit has posted an update about the hardware specific DRM and said that it is actually not a DRM re…
mass effect
Games 6 days ago

Mass Effect – Bioware Teases “Dark Forces of Game Development”

Bioware has been hard at work on the next Mass Effect for some time now.  During the last few months we have been getti…
Battlefield Hardline
Games 6 days ago

Battlefield Hardline New Patch Upcoming – Dev Talks to The Players For Constructiv…

Battlefield hardline is a first person shooter that just made its way across platforms a week earlier. The game has been…
Games 6 days ago

Star Wars Battlefront – EA Teases AT-AT Walker

The EA Star Wars account has shared a new teaser for Star Wars Battlefront, which includes brief footage of a snowspeede…
Games 6 days ago

Dragon Age Inquisition – BioWare can not Discuss when Jaws of Hakkon Will Come to …

Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon was released for the Xbox One and PC on Tuesday, but not for the PlayStation 4. B…
Mass Effect
Games 1 week ago

Bioware Developer Reveals Production Image for Next Mass Effect

Bioware cinematic director Ken Thain, tweeted a behind the scenes photo of a motion capture set. “Getting our motions …
Games 1 week ago

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon Released – Official Trailer

EA and Bioware have just released Jaws of Hakkon, the first story DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can watch the Off…
Mass Effect
GamesRumor 1 week ago

Mass Effect – Latest Details

Mass Effect 4, is definitely coming, but so far almost nothing substantial has been revealed from EA or Bioware. Every n…
Star Wars Battlefront 3
Games 2 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront – First Official Release Reveals Game Will Host Xbox One, PS…

Star Wars Battlefront has had its fair share of rumors until now. The game has reached edges of speculation and now fina…
Battlefield Hardline (2)
Games 2 weeks ago

Battlefield Hardline – Users having Installation Issues on PS4

Players who have purchased the digital version of Battlefield Hardline on the PS4 are reporting issues with the gameR…
GamesSoftware 2 weeks ago

GeForce ForceWare 347.88 WHQL Drivers – Game-Ready Driver for Battlefield Hardline

NVIDIA has released a new set of WHQL drivers for its graphics cards. According to the release notes, the GeForce ForceW…
Games 2 weeks ago

Battlefield Hardline Launch Fraught with Issues; DDoS’s

Battlefield Hardline’s launch is, as expected, not going so well. But not for the reasons you might think. The ove…
Battlefield Hardline (2)
GamesLaunch 2 weeks ago

Battlefield Hardline Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

Battlefield Hardline releases today, for both current-gen consoles and PC. Visceral Games aimed for 60fps for the consol…






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