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Games 12 hours ago

The PC is Quite the Profitable Platform for EA according to Recent Earning Results

EA has revealed its earning results  for Q1 FY16, which details the PC as the second, if not the most profitable platfo…
Need for Speed (1)
Games 1 day ago

New Need for Speed will Feature the Iconic BMW M3 E46 from the Original Most Wanted

EA has revealed that Need for Speed will feature the iconic “BMW M3 E46″ from the original Need for Speed: M…
Battlefield 5
Games 3 days ago

‘New Battlefield Experience’ Confirmed by EA for 2017

During EA’s investor call recently, it seems that the CFO, Blake Jorgensen let the cat out of the bag about a futu…
Battlefront  (9)
Games 4 days ago

EA Teasing New Star Wars Battlefront Mode Reveal for Tomorrow with Blasting Screenshot

EA is teasing a new mode reveal for tomorrow, with their latest tweet, featuring a brand new image. Tomorrow's new #…
Battlefield Hardline
Games 5 days ago

Battlefield Hardline Patch 2.0 Finally Removes Need For Plugin On Chrome

Battlefield Hardline received a stealthy update yesterday for PS4, Xbox One and the PC. This patch brings it up to vers…
Need for Speed 2015
Games 6 days ago

Need for Speed Will be Playable at Gamescom Next Week

Gamescom is the world’s largest consumer event for videogames, and with this year’s event just around the corner…
Games 6 days ago

Plants vs. Zombies’ Personalities are Invading Popular Game Franchises in these Hi…

Popcap Games, the developer behind the Plants vs. Zombies series, have posted a series of tweets for the upcoming Plants…
GamesIndustry 7 days ago

[Updated] Gamescom Floor Plans Reveal Huge Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA Booths; Surpr…

[Update 2] Mafia 3 has been confirmed by publisher 2K with a full reveal to follow on August 5 at Gamescom. [Update] Bl…
Need for Speed (1)
Games 1 week ago

The New Need for Speed Looks Just Like Real-Life as Can be Seen in this Screenshot by Sp…

Need for Speed developer, Ghost Games shared a photo from racing blog Speed Hunters recreated using assets from Need For…
Alex Morgan (2)
Games 2 weeks ago

Fifa 16: Alex Morgan joins Lionel Messi as the Franchise’s First Ever Female Cover…

Alex Morgan will be joining Lionel Messi on the cover of FIFA 16 for the United States version, while Canada captain Ch…
Fifa 16 (4)
Games 2 weeks ago

FIFA 16 Becomes the Official Video Game Partner of Real Madrid, New Screenshots and Trai…

EA has announced that FIFA 16 will be the official video game partner of the Real Madrid soccer team, and released a new…
Battlefield Hardline
Games 2 weeks ago

Battlefield Hardline Getting New Game Mode Shown at Gamescom

The lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thaddeus Sasser is going to show off a “sweet new game mod…
Games 2 weeks ago

Origin ID Being Renamed to ‘EA Accounts’ in Coming Weeks

According to EA, your Origin ID will no longer be called that, and will be renamed simply as your EA account. EA wants …
Mirror's Edge (3)
Games 2 weeks ago

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s City of Glass will Expand as You Progress Through t…

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s senior producer Sara Jansson, in an interview with Xbox One News, revealed that Cataly…
Fifa 16 (4)
Games 3 weeks ago

New Fifa 16 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Innovations & Improvements

EA Sports have released a new gameplay trailer for FIFA 16, which showcases how the latest iteration innovates across th…
Games 3 weeks ago

EA Partners With Comcast For Xfinity Games, Game Streaming For X1 Platform

Comcast and EA are coming together to release their own game streaming platform to compete with the likes of NVIDIA, Son…
Star Wars Battlefront
Games 3 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront Community Questions Answered, Y-Wings Non-Flyable

EA has been very responsive to the questions that fans have asked them via their different means of communicating with …
Jade Raymond Motive
Games 3 weeks ago

Jade Raymond Announces Motive Studios, Working On Hennig’s Star Wars Project

Jade Raymond, the producer for the better Assassin’s Creed games (one & two), has announced that she’ll …






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