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App store
Software 4 weeks ago

App Store and iTunes Experiencing Widespread Search Issues

A number of users on Twitter and Reddit are reporting facing issues on Apple’s App Store, preventing them to downl…
Security 4 weeks ago

Apple Updates Xcode’s Git Implementation to Fix Two Critical Vulnerabilities

Apple has released a security update for its Xcode integrated development environment, patching two critical flaws that…
Logo Apple iPhone
Mobile 4 weeks ago

Apple Loses Exclusive Rights to “iPhone” Trademark

Apple no longer owns the iPhone name exclusively in China as the tech giant recently lost a suit against a Chinese compa…
IndustryMobile 4 weeks ago

iPhone Named the Most Influential Gadget of All Time – Nokia 3210 and Nintendo Gam…

Time Magazine has ranked iPhone the most influential gadget of all time. The publication notes that while smartphones ex…
fbi apple
SecuritySoftware 1 month ago

FBI Paid Hackers for iPhone 5c Hack More Than Director Comey’s 7 Years Salary

The Federal Bureau of Investigation paid hackers over $1.3 million to break into the iPhone used by one of the San Bern…
apple fbi
Security 1 month ago

Despite Multiple Requests, Apple Refused to Provide Source Code to China

Following the reports that Apple has handed over source code to Chinese authorities, the company’s General Counse…
os x SIP vulnerability
MobileSecurity 1 month ago

Hacker Exploits Security Flaw to Record Congressman’s Calls and Track His Location

German hackers have demonstrated that all phones, including iPhones, are open to a mobile network vulnerability. This fl…
fbi iphone
MobileSecurity 2 months ago

FBI Paid Grey Hat Hackers, Not Israel-Based Cellebrite, One-Time Fee to Hack iPhone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced last month that it managed to break into the iPhone belonging to a …
iPhone SE feature
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Several iPhone SE Users Reporting Audio Issues with Bluetooth Phone Calls

Apple launched iPhone SE at the end of last month, and over the past two weeks, a number of users have reported experien…
iPhone boost security
MobileSecurity 2 months ago

[Fixed] Siri Bug Lets Anyone Access Your Photos and Contacts – How to Protect Your…

If you own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and have upgraded to iOS 9.3.1, you might be in for some trouble. A flaw discovered i…
IndustrySecurity 2 months ago

Apple Wins iPhone Encryption Battle, But FBI Has “Classified” the Hacking Me…

The legal battle between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple is over, at least for now. The FBI has managed to…
IndustryMobile 2 months ago

Watch Apple’s Super-Secret Recycling Bot “Liam” Rip Apart an iPhone

Along with a smaller iPhone and an iPad, Apple also unveiled Liam – an iPhone disassembly robot – at its Mar…
Software 2 months ago

iOS 9.3 Update Bricks Some Older iPads – Here’s How to Fix the Issue

A number of reports have come forward complaining that the latest iOS 9.3 update is bricking some iPad 2 models. The aff…
apple fbi
MobileSecurity 2 months ago

What’s the Alternative Method that the FBI will Use to Brute Force the iPhone

Right before Apple and the FBI were scheduled for a court hearing over their battle on unlocking an iPhone, the Departme…
using old pc is sad
Industry 2 months ago

Apple Cares About the Environment, But Thinks Using an Old PC is Sad

Apple launched several new products and features at its event yesterday. The lineup included a 4-inch iPhone SE, a small…
apple fbi
MobileSecurity 2 months ago

Judge Postpones Today’s Apple-FBI Hearing as DoJ Discovers New Way to Unlock iPhon…

A court hearing was scheduled for today where Apple and the FBI were facing off over their battle of unlocking an iPho…
The $1000 Apple Store Giveaway
Deals 2 months ago

$1,000 Apple Store Giveaway: Get the New iPhone, iPad or Whatever Else You Want!

Apple is one of the most successful tech companies of the world, selling products that are wanted by almost everyone. Lo…
os x SIP vulnerability
MobileSecurity 2 months ago

iOS Malware Enables Hackers to Silently Infect Non-Jailbroken iPhones

Apple’s non-jailbroken iPhones are considered comparatively safe from malware and security threats. A security res…






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