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bricked iphone error 53
Mobile 4 days ago

Error 53: Lawyers Taking a Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple’s “Reckless Po…

Apple confirmed last week that it was permanently disabling iPhones that have been repaired by unauthorized retailers. T…
tim cook
IndustryMobile 4 days ago

Even Tim Cook isn’t Immune to Twitter Trolling – Grilled Over Blurry Super B…

Twitter has always been a medium of bullying and trolling. However, things get a little more comforting for the average …
MobileSoftware 3 weeks ago

Crash Anyone’s iPhone or Mac with this URL – Safari Prank Going Viral

Click on this page on Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and it will crash your browser and might even make your device…
ios 9 battery
MobileSoftware 3 weeks ago

iOS 9.2.1 Fixed a 3-Year Old Security Flaw, But Failed to Address iPhone 6s Frozen Batte…

Apple released iOS 9.2.1 earlier this week to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The software update brought in patches for so…
iOS cookie store
MobileSecurity 3 weeks ago

Apple Squashes the iOS Cookie Thief – Enabled Hackers to Impersonate Users

Apple has fixed a three-year old security vulnerability in iOS that enabled hackers to impersonate users connecting to w…
Apple Watch Models Available For The Lowest Price Ever – Find Out How
MobileRumor 4 weeks ago

March Debut of Apple Watch 2 No Longer Expected – iPhone 6c Still a Possibility

Rumors earlier in December pointed to a March 2016 Apple event releasing the second generation Apple Watch along with a …
Mac Security
Security 4 weeks ago

OS X Gatekeeper Vulnerability Remains Unfixed Despite Two Security Patches

OS X Gatekeeper vulnerability, discovered last year, was believed to have been fixed by Apple. The researcher responsibl…
iOS 9.3 beta 1
MobileSoftware 4 weeks ago

iOS 9.3 vs iOS 9.2 Speed Test: How Well Does the New Beta Perform?

Apple released the new iOS 9.3 beta to developers for testing earlier this week. Public beta testers also received the n…
iOS 9.3
MobileSoftware 4 weeks ago

iOS 9.3 Public Beta Released with Night Shift, 3D Touch Quick Actions and More

Along with releasing OS X 10.11.4 beta 1 to public beta testers, Apple has also rolled out the first beta of iOS 9.3 upd…
os x 10.11 el capitan
Software 4 weeks ago

Apple Seeds First OS X 10.11.4 Public Beta to Testers

Apple has started seeding the OS X 10.11.4 beta 1 to public testers today. The first public beta comes only a few days …
iPhone 7 designer video shows very thin bezels
MobileRumor 1 month ago

Apple Considering Three Different Designs for iPhone 7 – Wireless Beats Expected t…

Several rumors around Apple’s iPhone 7 have talked about the company dropping the standard 3.5mm audio jack for th…
iPhone 7 massive storage and larger battery
MobileRumor 1 month ago

Thinner iPhone 7 to Ditch the 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Bring Wireless Charging

Latest rumor suggests that Apple’s iPhone 7 may ditch the universally standard 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of t…
iPhone 7 massive storage and larger battery
LeakMobile 1 month ago

Leaked iPhone 7 Image Shows Relocated 3D Touch Chip and Flex Cables

As the new year has started, we expect to see a lot more leaks and rumors surrounding the expected flagship smartphones …
iPhone 6s 2
Mobile 1 month ago

Foxconn Receives Govt Subsidy to Minimize Layoffs Amid Reports of Falling iPhone Demand

We have been hearing news coming from Asia, suggesting that Apple is scaling back its production of iPhone 6s and 6s Plu…
iPhone 6s again
Mobile 1 month ago

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to See Production Cuts “Amid Lackluster Sales”

As Apple gets ready to start working on iPhone 7, this year’s expected flagship smartphone, reports are coming in …
iOS 921 beta
MobileSoftware 1 month ago

Public Beta Testers and Developers Receive Second Beta of iOS 9.2.1

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 to registered developers and public testers. Carrying the build number of 13D14, the…
iphone 6s
Mobile 1 month ago

3,500 Pounds of Force and One Poor iPhone 6s – Get the Idea?

Some of us actually believe that fireworks on new year’s eve are kind of overrated and overblown. How to say farew…
MobileRumor 1 month ago

Apple Closing a $12.8 Billion Deal with LG and Samsung for OLED Panels

We saw rumors earlier this month claiming that Apple will be switching from LCD to OLED displays for future iPhone model…






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