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Apple TV 4
LeakMobileReport 13 hours ago

Apple TV 4 Will Feature A Wii-Like Motion Sensing Remote

Apple has already made it official that it’s going to hold a media event on the 9th of September. But, as usual, …
LeakMobile 18 hours ago

iPhone 6s Packaging Leak Shows That 32GB Model Is Not On the Cards For Consumers

Previously, we reported a leak stating that the upcoming iPhone 6s duo will be available to purchase in the 16, 64 and 1…
Siri Give Us A Hint
IndustryMobile 18 hours ago

What To Expect From Apple’s ‘Hey Siri, Give Us A Hint’ September 9th E…

Apple made its iPhone 6s event official yesterday by sending out invites for its keynote to the press. The company also …
Apple Microsoft

Apple Opening Up? 75 Million Windows 10 Users to Live Stream Sept 9 Event

Things are certainly moving in the tech industry as this year sees some major shifts in the strategies of large corpora…
iPhone 6 Plus
LeakMobile 1 day ago

iPhone 6s Leak: New Rose Gold Color Option, Renamed Force Touch Tech

Apple made it official today that it would be holding a special media event on the 9th of September, at which it will be…
Mobile 2 days ago

The 4-inch iPhone 6c Might Not Change So Much After All

The iPhone 6c is one Apple device that’s surrounded in as much mystery as the mythical iPad Pro. The iPhone 6c has…
Mobile 2 days ago

The iPhone 6c In For Some Disappointing Launch News Today

Ah, the iPhone 6c. No matter how the day passes, there’s something about the smaller screened device that keeps on…
Tim Cook
IndustryMobile 2 days ago

How To Live Stream September 9th iPhone 6s Event On iOS, Apple TV, Mac, PC

With the official event invites now out in the wild for its big ‘Hey Siri, Give Us A Hint’ keynote, all eyes…
Siri Give Us A Hint
IndustryMobile 2 days ago

Apple Announces iPhone 6s ‘Hey Siri, Give Us A Hint’ Event For September 9th

It’s official – Apple has sent out media invites for its ‘Hey Siri, Give Us A Hint’ event for S…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 2 days ago

Apple iPhone 6s To Support 4K And Front Camera Flash Among Major Upgrades

As days pass by, and we get more closer to Apple’s upcoming upgrade of the iPhone 6s lineup, we’ve started t…
Mobile 2 days ago

Reduced A9 Core Area To Result In Major Performance Increase

Apple’s known to be notoriously tightlipped when it comes to future product launches, even after said launches occ…
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

iPhone 6s ‘Force Touch’ References Found In iOS 9 – Screenshot

With a ton of leaks flying around, it’s almost a given that the iPhone 6s will indeed come packed with a Force To…
Looks Like We Might Be Seeing A 5 Inch iPhone Next Month
MobileReport 2 days ago

iPhone 6s Media Event Date, Venue Revealed In New Report

A new report has surfaced today claiming that Apple will indeed hold its iPhone 6s media event on September the 9th, a d…
LeakMobile 2 days ago

Alleged iPhone 6s Plus Packaging Photo Leaked Online

If you’ve been following the tech news closely for the past few days, then you’re probably well aware of th…
apple bbc documentary
Mobile 3 days ago

Apple iPad Pro To See 30% Reduced Thickness With Oxide TFT Display

Apart from the regular 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has no other large screen tablet in the market. But the Apple iPad Pro, a my…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 3 days ago

Apple iPhone 6c Sees Its First Case Leak Today

We’ve been hearing quite a lot about upcoming Apple products over the past couple of days. With barely two weeks l…
Galaxy Note 5
Mobile 4 days ago

Galaxy Note 5 Vs iPhone 6 – Apple’s Smartphone Crushes Samsung In Performanc…

On paper, the Galaxy Note 5 is one hell of a beastly smartphone. Packed to the rafters with the latest in mobile tech an…

iPhone 6s Specs Confirmed By China Telecom Employee

iPhone 6s specification leaks have been coming in thick and fast lately, but now, an individual who claims to be the e…






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