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HardwareRumor 1 day ago

AMD Will Be Launching 8GB Variants of the Radeon R9 290X ‘Hawaii’ in November

If you are a regular reader of tech news then you might wonder what is up with this news piece since the 8GB R9 290X ver...
AMD R9 Series Logo
Hardware 4 days ago

AMD ‘Tonga XT’ R9 M295X Benchmark Surfaces – Impressive Results

The R9 M295X is a very elusive Mobility Radeon that has yet to be launched (technically). It does however feature in App...

AMD Radeon ‘Topaz XT’ GPU Spotted in The Wild – Full DirectX 12 Mobility Card?

Note: This is a highly exploratory editorial and while all sources are given, nothing in this write up is presented as t...
Catalyst logo
Hardware 5 days ago

Civilization: Beyond Earth gets Mantle API after Catalyst 14.9.2 Update

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth has finally received the much awaited, Mantle API patch in the Catalyst 14.9.2 ...
Hardware 1 week ago

AMD Introduces New Price Cuts and Game Bundles For Desktop APUs

Entering the holiday season many companies have recently begun their seasonal promotions. . Yesterday we reported that N...
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z
HardwareOp-Ed 1 week ago

Nvidia Slashes Titan Z Pricing Again – Maxwell Replacement Perhaps Incoming

Two months ago Nvidia launched an OEM and system builder specific campaign. By which OEMs and system builders can get sp...
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HardwareIndustry 1 week ago

AMD’s Ex Manufacturing Arm Globalfoundries Strikes $1.5B Deal With IBM

All the way back in June of this year whispers were heard of Globalfoundries buying IBM’s fabs and related intellectua...
AMD logo
Hardware 2 weeks ago

AMD’s Next Generation x86 Zen Architecture To Debut In 2016 – Dense Server Market ...

AMD is gearing up the engineering process of their next generation x86 Zen architecture which will be adopted in their f...
AMD Radeon
GamesHardware 2 weeks ago

[Update] Exclusive Interview With AMD’s Robert Hallock – Submit Your Questions Her...

[Update] Hi folks, we’ve compiled the most popular questions in addition to questions that we found to be most interes...
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HardwareRumor 2 weeks ago

AMD Zen Architecture Could Feature in APUs in 2016, ASUS a Key Player [Updated]

[Debunked]: Our sources have commented that most of the information in this particular leak are inaccurate. AMD’s Zen ...
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HardwareRumor 2 weeks ago

AMD’s Updating The Never Settle Game Bundle – R9 285X Tonga XT Is On Standby

This report comes directly from Fudzilla. A very accurate source of leaks in the past. However as they themselves state ...
AMD R9 Series Logo
Hardware 3 weeks ago

AMD Catalyst 14.9.1 Drivers Released – Fixes Major Quad Crossfire Bugs

AMD released the Catalyst 14.9.1 drivers a few days ago. While the update was of a minor nature, we received several ema...

Exploring AMD’s And Intel’s Architectural Philosophies – What Does The Future Ho...

In part I of this series we talked about how the system architectures of both AMD and Intel have evolved in the past fiv...
AMD R9 Series Logo
HardwareOp-Ed 3 weeks ago

AMD Radeon Price Cuts Are Not From Red – AIBs Took Matters in their Own Hands

Price cuts have recently graced the AMD R9 lineup, bringing the R9 290X to $399 and the R9 290 to $299 (the same price f...






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