LG Executive Reveals the Pricing of the G6 in an Interview

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Feb 27, 2017
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The announcement of the G6 was a welcoming one since the flagship gets a boatload of new features, which you will eventually have to pay a premium for when it officially launches in Korea starting on March 10. During an interview with the company’s mobile head Cho Juno, the executive reveals the retail price of the G6 along with several other details revolving around the smartphone.

The LG Executive States That the Pricing of the Smartphone Will Be Slightly Less Than $800 When It Officially Goes on Sale on March 10

With an interview taking place between The Investor and the mobile chief of LG, Cho Juno reveals the pricing of the flagship and it is definitely going to cost you.

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“The phone will hit the Korean market first on March 10. The price starts at 899,800 won (US$796.85)”

The interview also asks the form of strategy the company started taking after the announcement of the G5, which was a completely different phone but was met with a lot of criticism.

“Despite the positive reaction, we struggled in early stages due to the low yield rate. We couldn’t ship the phones properly for almost eight weeks. After the delays, all the promotional activities were useless.

But we have learned from the failure, starting preparations for the G6 more than six months earlier than usual. We have also secured enough products to sell this time.”

The newly announced G6 is definitely a start of new beginnings because apart from the Snapdragon 821 complaints, there are several things to look forward to. We would start with its metal and glass finish coupled with its 32-bit Quad DAC chip that would deliver stellar audio quality. In addition, the smartphone is also IP68 certified and supports Qi standard wireless charging. Though the wireless charging pad is not available with the smartphone, third-party accessories are readily available.

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The 5.7-inch display and the higher screen-to-body-ratio will help you to view more content on the display even though its overall size is less than the G5. Do you feel that the retail price of the phone is worth $800 when it officially goes on sale? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.


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