Kinect ad’s go wild on net

Rizwan Anwer
Aug 12, 2010
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Everyone with an XBOX 360 is psyched about Microsoft‘s upcoming add on to the XBOX 360 called the Kinect (formerly Project Natal) we have only seen a few game play videos showing kinect in action but these ad’s are a demonstration of things to come.

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These are only a few videos shown for more visit the uploaders channel Here

It seems that the Kinect is family oriented just like the Wii, so we may or may not see support for games like Gears of War trilogy or Halo, (Again this is my opinion) Microsoft is aiming to keep this a more family centered console rather then for hardcore gaming. But still the concept is very interesting while the Wii and PlayStation Move will require the help of controller to use the motion sensor you can simply go hands free with the Kinect

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