January PlayStation Plus Free Games Revealed In A Promotional Video – Includes Don’t Starve For PlayStation 4

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Sony has already started the PlayStation Store January sale, which includes many of the latest titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita but it seems like this is not the all that Sony has to please the PlayStation gamers. A leaked PlayStation Plus free games promo video reveals some games that would apparently be coming in January for free.

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January PlayStation Plus Free Games Revealed In A Promotional Video – Free Games For PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Players Coming In January

Sony has reportedly accidentally published a promo video in the Free Game section of PlayStation Plus area of the PlayStation Network, the video reveals the games that Sony would be giving away for free to the PlayStation Plus Subscribers based in North America in January. PlayStation Plus free games promo video was first spotted by a neoGAF user Archie.

According to the video, PlayStation 4 players will be able to download the much-known survival horror, action-adventure video game by Keli Entertainment, “Don’t Starve” for absolutely no cost.



PlayStation 3 gamers will also get 3 of the most popular 2013 games for free. Players will be able to download; DmC: Devil May Cry, Bioshock Infinite and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. The three games have received very positive reviews and are amongst the top games of 2013.

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PlayStation Vita gamers will also get two PlayStation Plus free games, one is Smart as… and the other is Worms Battle Islands.

Sony has, however, not confirmed the report officially, but after the release of PlayStation Plus free games promo video, it is very much possible that the news is authentic and Sony is ready to please the PlayStation gamers.

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