iPad isn’t an Apple original? Genius Alan Kay spills the beans!!

Rizwan Anwer
Apr 19, 2010
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When Steve Jobs first presented the idea for the iPad fans of Apple were amazed at his idea and on the iPads release date it sold out of stores like hot cakes, but a stranger has come out of the shadows his name is Alan Kay. He isn’t a man of a public but he works in the shadows and unbeknown to us he has helped modernize computers we use today without us even knowing it, Kay is widely known for the Graphical User Interface and one of the programmers of object oriented programming.


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Kay allegedly came up with The Dynabook 38 years ago with it he promised a plasma screen with the contrast ratio matching a book; a keyboard with no moving parts; a network connection with the ability to purchase, transfer, and download “instantiate” files; world wide web connectivity; such as libraries and he even put a price tag of $500 on his device.

Could it be Jobs read about the Dynabook and stole the idea from the genius Alan Kay? compare the Dynabooks features to that of the modern iPad and see the similarities.

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