iPad 2 Benchmarked, GPU Performance Is Legendary

Mar 13, 2011
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Our friend’s over at AnandTech just benchmarks the new iPad 2 and boy is it a powerhouse. As far as the CPU goes just as Apple claim offers around 50% extra performance is complex tasks like Javascript and loading of Webkit for the browser.

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The real shocker comes over at the GPU end though, We expected the iPad’s PowerVR SGX 543MP2 GPU to compete competitively with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 but according to the benchmarks the iPad’s powerhouse blows it out of the park. The GPU benchmark results are as follows:

Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad Motorola Xoom
Geometry: Textured triangles per second (millions) 29 8.69 15.1
Geometry: Fragment lit triangles per second (millions) 19.7 4.08 8.51
Fill Rate: Texture fetch texels per second (millions) 890.1 179.1 130
GLBench 2.0 Egypt frames per second 44 8.1 11.8
GLBench 2.0 Egypt FSAA frames per second 44.8 6.4

Source: AnandTech

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