Easily Close all Safari Tabs at once – iOS Tips and Tricks

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Jan 18, 2014
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iOS 7 Safari tips and tricks:

Closing all the tabs in Safari isn’t rocket science. However, it is not an easy task too. You have to tap on that tiny little in order to close all the tabs open on Safari iOS 7. You can also swipe the tab to the left to kill it. However, this all works on individual tabs. Which essentially requires you to kill each single tab individually. Quite a task, no? Here is a simple iOS 7 Safari trick to help you close all the open tabs at once!

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It happens quite a few times when we have just too many apps open and we intend to kill them all. Instead of closing each single of them, here is a quick workaroundsafari ios 7 tips


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Go to the tabs viewfinder and tap on Private at the bottom of the screen. It will show you a popup where you will see an option asking you to Close All tabs. Tap on it, and all the tabs currently open will close and your Safari iOS will go into private browsing mode. ios 7 safari tips


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Now if you do not want to stay in Private Browsing mode, you can easily switch back to normal mode by tapping again on the Private.ios 7 safari tips

Hope this iOS 7 Safari tips help you out in saving a few good minutes. Don’t forget to share with us your iOS 7 tips and tricks!

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