Intel’s 14nm Broadwell Compatible with Lynx Point 8-Series Chipset, More Haswell Details Leaked

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Details of Intel’s upcoming 14nm Broadwell and 22nm Haswell have been leaked which provide information about the CPU Architecture along with Lynx Point chipset compatibility.

First off, the details suggest that 14nm Broadwell would be compatible with the Lynx Point 8-Series chipset. The chipset would launch in the first half of 2013 alongside the Haswell processors which would be supported on the LGA 1150 socket motherboards.

With Haswell, Intel would launch a variety of processors focused on iGPU performance, For this Intel would release Dual core processors with Triple Core GPU solutions or the high end Quad core with GT2 version of Dual core iGPUs. Output won’t be provided through the PCH southbridge but directly from the CPU which confirms the earlier rumor that a Southbridge would be fused on the Haswell die.

TDP’s as previously revealed would be on the highside with the top end parts having rated TDP of 95-105 Watts while 57W would be the highest in the mobile segment.

As far as DDR4 compatibility is concerned, Haswell won’t be introducing DDR4 but would still utilize the standard Dual Channel DDR3, Chances were that Haswell-EX workstation platform would feature DDR4 support but there is still no conformation from current slides or Intel.

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Haswell Desktop processors would start shipping in Q4 2012 and hit retail in 1H 2013. More details on ES and release dates here.

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