Intel Slashes Prices of Mobile SKUs Across the Board – Haswell Celeron Officially Available for Sale

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Intel has slashed prices of its Mobile processors (Both Core and Celeron) by as much as 26%. Nearly every Mobile SKU from the low- end spectrum to the high end had its price cut by some percent. Also Haswell Celeron Desktop Processors are now officially available for sale.

Intel Broadwell and Haswell Refresh Platform

Intel Mobile SKUs Get Price Cut – Haswell Celeron On Sale Now.

Interestingly the price cuts have occurred literally in every generation that Intel has in stock. This makes us suspect that the price cuts are to get the sock moving again. A little of everything from the Celeron 1000M to the Core-i7 4960HQ was affected by the slash. Without further ado, the details of the price cut:

ModelOld priceNew priceDifference
Celeron 1000M$86$7513%
Celeron 1005M$86$7513%
Celeron 1007U$86$7513%
Celeron 1017U$86$7513%
Celeron 1019Y$102$7526%
Celeron 1020M$86$7513%
Celeron 1037U$86$7513%
Celeron 2950M$86$7513%
Celeron 2955U$132$10719%
Celeron 2957U$132$10719%
Celeron 2980U$137$10722%
Celeron 2981U$137$10722%
Celeron N2805$132$10719%
Celeron N2806$132$10719%
Celeron N2810$132$10719%
Celeron N2815$132$10719%
Celeron N2820$132$10719%
Celeron N2910$132$10719%
Celeron N2920$132$10719%
Core i5-3439Y$250$22510%
Core i5-4300Y$297$2815%
Core i5-4302Y$297$2815%
Core i5-4350U$337$3157%
Core i5-4570R$288$25511%
Core i5-4670R$310$27611%
Core i7-4610Y$409$3934%
Core i7-4650U$448$4265%
Core i7-4770R$392$3589%
Core i7-4850HQ$468$4347%
Core i7-4950HQ$657$6235%
Core i7-4960HQ$657$6235%



Intel Haswell Celeron SKUs Now Available For Sale

We told you a few days back that a Haswell Celeron SKU is already available for sale via third party retailers with the lineup’s official release coming soon. Well we just received word that it has been officially released. THe G1820 G1820T and G1830 are now officially available via Intel Retailers. Early reports suggest that the pricing is indeed $52 and $42, following the previous pattern of the Celeron Lineup.


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