Intel Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Processors Unveiled and Tested, Features 8 Cores and 16 Threads

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Aug 14, 2011
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A Forum Member over at has got his hands on  samples of Intel’s Upcoming Sandy Bridge-EP based Xeon Processors which will make their way into 1-way and 2-way servers using the Patsburg Chipset, Being Compatible with LGA 2011 Socket.

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The Sandy Bridge-E based Xeon CPU’s which were tested feature 8 Cores and 16 Threads, We already confirmed Intel to feature 8 Cores in its server based Processors in our previous report along with a complete 2011-2012 Motherboard Roadmap here.

The first ES sample is clocked at a stock speed of 1.60Ghz with Turbo Boost of 2.1Ghz (Max TDP – 70W) featuring a total of 20MB L3 Cache. This Chip was able to score 322 in CPU Mark and a score of 7.562 seconds in wPrime 32m Test at Stock speeds.

The Second chip is also an 8C/16T chip with base clock of 2.30Ghz and Turbo Boost speed of 2.50Ghz (Max TDP – 130W) and 20MB L3 Cache. Another chip with frequencies of 3.10Ghz (TB – 3.50Ghz) has been reported by a different user, This chip features a whooping 150W TDP and L3 Cache of 20MB. More details at Source.

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Pics Below:

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