Intel Roadmap Leak Reveals Sandy Bridge-E Processors

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Apr 21, 2011
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Another Intel roadmap has been leaked which reveals Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors. The new Sandy Bridge chips will make use of the LGA 2011 socket featured in its X79 chip based motherboards. The lineup consists of two CPU types with one being “Fully Unlocked” for overclocking and the other “Limited Unlocked” with little or no overclocking potential.

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First up is a 6 Core based chip which comes with a 15Mb L3 Cache, 3.33 Ghz Clock speed and a fully unlocked BClk multiplier with vast room for overclocking. The chip will fall under the Extreme Edition CPU badge and would be priced around 1000$ which is the same as the other Extreme Edition processors. A Premium chip based on 6 Cores is also available which comes at a 100mhz less clocks speed of 3.2Ghz and 12Mb L3 Cache (Overclocking potential is same). This chip is likely to fall under 600$ price range.

The late processors are locked which means they offer limited overclocking headroom. However the come with high stock speeds ranging from 3.60Ghz and being a Quad Core chip with 10Mb of L3 Cache. The chips also feature quad-channel DDR3 integrated memory controllers (IMCs) and integrated 32-lane PCI-Express 2.0 hubs which are able to support up to four graphics cards without the need of external bridge chips.

Here’s the complete list of CPU’s included in the leaked roadmap:

  • New non-XE Core i7 980 “Gulftown” LGA1366 six-core chip clocked at 3.33 GHz, with 12 MB L3 cache, 6.4 GT/s QPI, very soon, in Q2 2011
  • Core i7 995X Extreme Edition in Q3 2011
  • Non-XE Core i7 990 around the same time as 995X
  • New Core i7 >2600K, new LGA1155 chip faster than 2600K in Q3
  • Core i7 970 could get more affordable in Q3

A huge Intel Roadmap detailing “Sandy Bridge-E”, “Ivy Bridge and More was also leaked a few weeks ago which you can check out here.

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