Intel Roadmap Confirms i7-3970X in Q4, Ivy Bridge-E based i7-4900 Extreme Processors arriving in Q3 2013

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Posted 4 years ago

It was already confirmed that Intel was readying a new flagship processor by the name of Core i7-3970X for its LGA 2011 HEDT platform, Now a roadmap has been shown by BSN which confirms that launch of this processor in Q4 2012 along with the successor Ivy Bridge-E i7-4900 CPU’s arrival in Q3 2013.

Intel’s Core i7-3970X would be based on the 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture featuring 6 cores and 12 threads running at the 3.5GHz stock and 4.0GHz Turbo boost frequency, also 15MB of L3 cache. The processor would replace the i7-3960X and priced at $999. Arrival is expected in late Q4 2012.

Image Courtesy of Bright Side of News!


Moving on to 2013, In Q3 of that year Intel would launch the Ivy Bridge-E 22nm based Core i7-4900 Extreme processor family. They would be showcased at Computex 2013 and the lineup would consist of the Core i7-4930, 4960, 4970 and also an i7-4990 part. All processors would support DDR3-1866 and compatibility with LGA2011 socket.

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We don’t have more details available yet but expect them to be revealed soon as launch date nears. In the meanwhile you can check out details on Ivy Bridge-EP and Brickland/Gratley platforms.