Intel Preparing New Low Power Ivy Bridge Chips for Surface Pro Tablets

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Intel is reportedly preparing new chips based on the Ivy Bridge architecture which would feature lower power consumption compared to the ones already available with MacBook Air and Windows 8 ultrabooks.

According to CNET, Intel plans to cut the power consumption of their current Ivy Bridge chips significantly. While the current iterations of Ivy bridge have a rated TDP of 17W on Ultrabooks, their revision would consume much lower power. 

Low Power Ivy Bridge Chips for upcoming Tablets

This would allow PC makers to fuse the new low power Ivy bridge chips in tablet devices such as the upcoming Surface Pro Tablet from Microsoft. Although the Surface Pro already uses a Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU, but its the one with rated TDP of 17W, a new version with the low power Ivy Bridge chip may arrive but only in 2013.


Other PC makers could also opt for these low power Ivy bridge chips over ARM and Intel’s Atom Z-Series chips. While these low power chips offer higher battery times, their power compared to Ivy Bridge is relatively lower.

This is the reason Microsoft has limited their Surface RT to ARM chips for longer lasting battery times while the Pro version offers better performance with its Ivy Bridge CPU.

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Moving forward, Intel aims to improve overall power consumption with its Haswell SOC chips which would have a rated TDP of 10W and lower in later revisions. With the arrival of 14nm Broadwell, Intel would totally change the game as the chip would be supplied only in BGA packages limiting its use on the PC desktop platform. More on that here.

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