Intel Secretly Launches Xeon E5-4600 V2 SKU Lineup – Led by 12 Core E5-4657L v2 with 115W TDP

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Mar 9, 2014
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Intel has just quietly updated its lineup for the Xeon E5 series adding the 46xx v2 SKUs on the Price List. The Xeon E5-4600 series will be based on the Ivy Bridge Architecture.  The Xeon E5 4600 v2 can scale up to 4 Sockets.

Intel Xeon E7 Ivy Bridge EX Die shot

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“Xeon E5-4600 v2” CPU Lineup Launched – Pricing Ranges from $551 to $4394

Now apart from the basic socket scaling, the Xeon E5 4600 v2 processors offer more core count, more cache and more memory bandwidth. It goes without saying that this results in faster processing and greater speeds which is essential in Big Data and HPC environments. Interestingly the “E5-4600 v2” has the new float 16 instructions, APIC visualization, the new random number generator (very important for encryption) and support for OS Guard Feature (previously Supervisor Mode Execution). The lineup is priced from $551 to about $4394.

  • Total number of SKUs is 8 with one BGA model.
  • The lower end scales has 4 and 6 Cores respectively and consists of only the E5-4603 v2 and E5-4607 v2 respectively
  • The low end can be identified by the fact that it does not have Turbo Boost and has DDR3-1333 Memory.
  • All the Xeon E5s of this lineup have a TDP of 95W with the exception of 3 special SKUs.
  • The middle order has DDR3-1600 Memory while the top order has DDR3-1866 Memory
  • The Special SKUs are as follows:
    • Low TDP: The Xeon E5-4624L v2 has been optimized for Low TDP and only has a power draw of 70W. It has 10 Cores, 20 threads. Is clocked at 2.5 Ghz (Max) and supports DDR3-1866 Memory. This processor will come in BGA Packaging.
    • True Core/Frequency Optimization: The Xeon E5-4627 v2 does not have Hyper threading and instead supports 8 Physical Cores only, optimized for frequency. This particular processor can reach a top clock of 3.6 Ghz and supports DDR3-1866 Memory. TDP is 130W
    • Flagship SKU: The Xeon E5-4657L v2 qualifies as a special SKU because it has a TDP of 115W. It supports 12 cores and 24 threads all clocked at a maximum frequency of 2.9Ghz.

And finally here is the complete SKU lineup of the “Xeon E5 4600 v2” Series:

Model Cores /
Base / Turbo
Memory TDP Price
Xeon E5-4603 v2 4 / 8 2.2 GHz 10 MB DDR3-1333 95 Watt $551
Xeon E5-4607 v2 6 / 12 2.6 GHz 15 MB DDR3-1333 95 Watt $885
Xeon E5-4610 v2 8 / 16 2.3 / 2.7 GHz 16 MB DDR3-1600 95 Watt $1219
Xeon E5-4620 v2 8 / 16 2.6 / 3 GHz 20 MB DDR3-1600 95 Watt $1611
Xeon E5-4624L v2 10 / 20 1.9 / 2.5 GHz 25 MB DDR3-1866 70 Watt $2405
Xeon E5-4627 v2 8 / 8 3.3 / 3.6 GHz 16 MB DDR3-1866 130 Watt $2108
Xeon E5-4640 v2 10 / 20 2.2 / 2.7 GHz 20 MB DDR3-1866 95 Watt $2725
Xeon E5-4650 v2 10 / 20 2.4 / 2.9 GHz 25 MB DDR3-1866 95 Watt $3616
Xeon E5-4657L v2 12 / 24 2.4 / 2.9 GHz 30 MB DDR3-1866 115 Watt $4394



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