Intel Launches 12 New SKUs, “V2 Series” Ivy Bridge-EP Processors – 10 Core Xeon E5-2470 v2 Included

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Intel has launched the Version 2s of about 12 Ivy Bridge-EP Processors. The V2 variants include higher frequency, more L3 cache, TDP adjustment and even more Physical Cores. The high end model Xeon E5-2470 (V1) has had 2 more cores added, 5mb L3 cache added and received a 100 Mhz Clock uplift. And best of all, at no price change.

12 Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP Lineup Upgraded with V2 Variants – Xeon E5-2470 v2 Leading the Bunch with 10 Cores/20 Threads.

Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon 2400 v2These new processors are built on the same Ivy-Bridge-EP core and among the obvious upgrades the V2 models have been upgraded with a new Float 16 instruction set, APIC Visualization and Enhanced Idle Power Consumption. The V2 Variants have been launched specifically for the Romley Platform and have revived decently rounded upgrades to the entire lineup. They use the LGA1356 Socket.

Its also worth noting here that the 12 new SKUs have received architecture enhancements, making them true full fledged successors to the previous. This also means that even those whose apparent specs haven’t changed, are not rebrands.

The Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP V2 Lineup:

ModelCores /
Frequency /
Xeon E5-2403 v24 / 41.8 GHz10 MBDDR3-133380 Watt$192
Xeon E5-2407 v24 / 42.4 GHz10 MBDDR3-133380 Watt$250
Xeon E5-2418L v26 / 122 GHz15 MBDDR3-133350 Watt$607
Xeon E5-2420 v26 / 122.2 / 2.7 GHz15 MBDDR3-160080 Watt$406
Xeon E5-2428L v28 / 161.8 / 2.3 GHz20 MBDDR3-160060 Watt$1013
Xeon E5-2430 v26 / 122.5 / 3 GHz15 MBDDR3-160080 Watt$551
Xeon E5-2430L v26 / 122.4 / 2.8 GHz15 MBDDR3-160060 Watt$612
Xeon E5-2440 v28 / 161.9 / 2.4 GHz20 MBDDR3-160095 Watt$832
Xeon E5-2448L v210 / 201.8 / 2.4 GHz25 MBDDR3-160070 Watt$1424
Xeon E5-2450 v28 / 162.5 / 3.3 GHz20 MBDDR3-160095 Watt$1107
Xeon E5-2450L v210 / 201.7 / 2.1 GHz25 MBDDR3-160060 Watt$1219
Xeon E5-2470 v210 / 202.4 / 3.2 GHz25 MBDDR3-160095 Watt$1440



Differences between V1 and V2 Variants:

V1 ModelV2 ModelDifference
E5-2403E5-2403 v2+$4
E5-2407E5-2407 v2+200 MHz clock
E5-2418LE5-2418L v2+2 cores / +5 MB L3 cache / +$153
E5-2420E5-2420 v2+300 Mhz clock / -15W TDP / +$19
E5-2428LE5-2428L v2+2 cores / +5MB L3 cache / +$278
E5-2430E5-2430 v2+300 Mhz clock / -15W TDP
E5-2430LE5-2430L v2+400 MHz clock / -$50
E5-2440E5-2440 v2+2 cores / +5MB L3 cache / -500 MHz clock
E5-2448LE5-2448L v2+2 cores / + 5MB L3 cache / +$78
E5-2450E5-2450 v2+400 MHz clock
E5-2450LE5-2450L v2+2 cores / +5MB L3 cache / -100 MHz clock / -10W TDP / +$112
E5-2470E5-2470 v2+2 cores / +5MB L3 cache / +100 MHz clock

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