Intel HD Graphics “4th Generation” Chips Performance Compared – HD 5200 GT3e On Par With GT640 and HD 6670

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Intel HD Graphics

The Fourth generation Intel HD Graphics chip have been compared to discrete graphics solutions from NVIDIA and AMD in the latest slide leak by VR-Zone. The slide also indicates the tier for each HD Graphics chip which represents their performance. Complete Intel Haswell architectural overview can be found here. The CPUs themselves are officially announced to launch at Comptex 2013.

Fourth Generation Intel HD Graphics Chips and Performance Detailed

We have already known that the HD 5200 “GT3e” would be the flagship 4th generation Intel HD Graphics chip. The HD 5200 GT3e would ship with high-performance notebooks in the mobile parts and low power yet compact NUCs (Next Unit of Computing), All-in-One PCs with the Haswell R-Series chips. The HD 5200 would feature will dedicated a large amount of the die to an onboard eDRAM package. The L4 cache memory codenamed ‘Crystalwell’ would significantly boost the iGPU performance on Haswell equipped Notebooks by delivering increased bandwidth to the iGPU. Anandtech revealed that the HD 5200 GT3e would make use of 128 MB of eDRAM connected to the main SOC (Haswell Processor) via a 512-bit bus.

Performance of Haswell CPUs with the 4th Generation Intel HD 5200 graphic chips would be better than NVIDIA GT 640 and much better than AMD’s Radeon HD 6670 discrete graphics solutions. Following are the chips that would make use of the HD 5200 GT3e graphics chip:

Intel Core Haswell R-Series

ModelCores /
CPU clockTurboBoostL3 cache         GraphicsTDP
Core i7-4770R4/83.2 GHz3.9 GHz6 MBHD 5200 GT3 (1300MHz)65W
Core i7-4670R4/43.0 GHz3.7 GHz4 MBHD 5200 GT3 (1300 MHz)65W
Core i5-4570R4/42.7 GHz3.2 GHz4 MBHD 5200 GT3 (1150 MHz)65W

Intel Core Haswell HQ-Series

ModelCores /ThreadsCPU clockTurboBoostL3 cacheGraphicsTDP
Core i7-4950HQ4/82.43.46MBHD 5200(200/1300MHz)47W
Core i7-4850HQ4/82.33.36MBHD 5200(200/1300MHz)47W

Intel Haswell HD Graphics

Next up are the Intel HD Graphics GT3u chips which come equipped in the HD 5100 and HD 5000 series cores. The bulk of the low-power Haswell U-Series mobile parts for Ultrabooks makes use of these chips. The GT3 HD 5100 and HD 5000 graphics chip would ship with Intel’s second generation Ultrabooks and its possible that these would sacrifice clock speeds to maintain low power consumption on the efficient Ultrabook design. Performance of these chips is just on par with the Radeon HD 6670 while faster than the GT 630 GPU from NVIDIA.


Haswell GT3e DRAM die shot


Models that make use of these chips are listed below:

Intel GT3 Graphics HD 5200/5100/5000:

  • Core i7-4558U (5100, GT3)
  • Core i7-4550U (5000, GT3) 
  • Core i5-4258U (5100, GT3) 
  • Core i5-4288U (5100, GT3) 
  • Core i5-4250U (5000, GT3) 
  • Core i3-4158U (5100, GT3)

The Intel HD Graphics chip that comes fused inside the main Haswell CPU desktop and mobile lineup consists of the GT2 chip (HD 4600/HD 4400/HD 4200). Their performance is on par with the NVIDIA GT 630 and AMD HD 6570D GPUs.

Intel Haswell Core i7/Core i5 Destkop Processors:

L3 Cache
Core i7-47704 / 83.4 / 3.9 GHz8 MBHD 46001200 MHz84 W$292
Core i7-4770K4 / 83.5 / 3.9 GHz8 MBHD 46001250 MHz84 W$327
Core i7-4770S4 / 83.1 / 3.9 GHz8 MBHD 46001200 MHz65 W$285
Core i5-46704 / 43.4 / 3.8 GHz6 MBHD 46001200 MHz84 W$209
Core i5-4670K4 / 43.4 / 3.8 GHz6 MBHD 46001200 MHz84 W$227
Core i5-45704 / 43.2 / 3.6 GHz6 MBHD 46001150 MHz84 W$189
Core i5-4570S4 / 43,0 / 3,6 GHz6 MBHD 46001150 MHz65 W$182
Core i5-44304 / 43.0 / 3.2 GHz6 MBHD 46001100 MHz84 W$175

Intel Haswell Core i7 Mobile Processors:

L3 Cache
Graphics-Chip Clock
Core i7-4930MX4/83.00 GHz/ 3.70 GHz8 MBHD 4600400 / 1350 MHz1600 MHz57W
Core i7-4900MQ4/82.80 GHz/ 3.60 GHz8 MBHD 4600400 / 1300 MHz1600 MHz47W
Core i7-4800MQ4/82.70 GHz/ 3.50 GHz8 MBHD 4600400 / 1300 MHz1600 MHz47W

Intel GT2 Graphics HD 4600/4400/4200 (Ultrabooks):

  • Core i7-4500U (4400 GT2)
  • Core i5-4200U (4400, GT2) 
  • Core i5-4200Y (4400, GT2)
  • Core i3-4100U (4400, GT2)
  • Core i3-4010U (4400, GT2) 
  • Core i3-4005U (4400, GT2)

Intel GT 1.5 HD 2*000 HD Graphics iGPU

Finally, there are the GT 1.5 Intel HD Graphics chips which we have never heard of before. These low-end integrated graphic chips would be fused on the Pentium and Celeron processors making use of the Haswell core architecture. Performance wise, the GT 1.5 chips would match the NVIDIA GT 620 discrete graphics solution and would be branded with HD 2*00 naming scheme.

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