Intel Haswell GT3 HD 5200 Graphics Chip to Ship in Q3 2013 With Six Mobile CPUs – GT2 Variants Detailed Too

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Intel Haswell HD Graphics

Chinese portal of VR-Zone has got some interesting details about Intel’s upcoming Haswell processors. According to the details, Intel Haswell mobile CPUs with the GT3 graphics chip will arrive in Q3 2013 with six mobile CPUs.

Intel Haswell Six Mobile Processors To Ship With GT3 HD 5200 Graphics

Intel Haswell desktop processor lineup is expected to launch on 2nd June 2013. The complete lineup along with their 8-Series chipset motherboards can be found here and here. The mobile Intel Haswell lineup would arrive a little later in Q3 2013 (October) however with a much faster graphics processor compared to what the Desktop GT2 chip would be. Intel Haswell Mobile processors or a total of 6 of the latest Core 4*** series mobile CPUs would ship with the GT3 graphics chip codenamed HD 5200, HD 5100 and HD 5000. Six more models of Intel Haswell mobile processors would ship with the GT2 graphics chip codenamed HD 4600, HD 4400 and HD 4200. So there would in total be 12 mobile CPUs from Intel in Q3 2013.

As far as naming scheme goes, the top GT3 HD 5200 graphics chip would be shipped with high performance notebooks and would feature on-package memory cache.Only two models which include the Core i7-4950 HQ and Core i7-4850 HQ would ship with the GT3 HD 5200 graphics chip.

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Intel Haswell Mobile Processors

The GT3 HD 5100 and HD 5000 graphics chip would ship with Intel’s second generation Ultrabooks and its possible that these would sacrifice clock speeds to maintain low power consumption on the efficient Ultrabook design. Similarly the fastest GT2 HD 4600 graphics chip would ship with Intel desktop processors and also the high end notebooks. The conservative HD 4200 and HD 4400 chips would ship with Intel Ultrabooks. The lineup could be seen below:

Intel GT3 Graphics HD 5200/5100/5000:

  • Core i7-4950HQ (5200, GT3)
  • Core i7-4850HQ (5200, GT3)
  • Core i7-4558U (5100, GT3)
  • Core i7-4550U (5000, GT3) 
  • Core i5-4258U (5100, GT3) 
  • Core i5-4288U (5100, GT3) 
  • Core i5-4250U (5000, GT3) 
  • Core i3-4158U (5100, GT3) 

Intel GT2 Graphics HD 4600/4400/4200:

  • Core i7-4500U (4400 GT2)
  • Core i5-4200U (4400, GT2) 
  • Core i5-4200Y (4400, GT2)
  • Core i3-4100U (4400, GT2)
  • Core i3-4010U (4400, GT2) 
  • Core i3-4005U (4400, GT2)
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