Intel Haswell ‘Celeron’ SKUs Out Next Month, G1820 and G1830 Already Available For Sale Ahead of Schedule

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The Haswell ‘Celeron’ Processors were slated for launch in Q1 2014, but it seems Intel has pushed the series out ahead of schedule. Two Celeron SKUs with Haswell Architecture are already available for purchase while the rest will be available next month.

Celeron G1820 and G1830 boxes

Two Intel Haswell Celeron SKUs Available for Purchase – Full Release Next Month

The Celeron G1820 and Celeron G1830 are already available at various online retailers including third party sellers at The two ”leaked” SKUs and the rest of the Celeron lineup will be available in its entirety from next month. Here is the table containing the specs and known prices of the SKUs.


Model Cores /
Frequency L3
Graphics Max GPU
TDP Price
Celeron G1620T 2 / 2 2.4 GHz 2 MB HD 1050 MHz 35 Watt $42
Celeron G1820T 2 / 2 2.4 GHz 2 MB HD 1050 MHz 35 Watt
Celeron G1620 2 / 2 2.7 GHz 2 MB HD 1050 MHz 55 Watt $52
Celeron G1820 2 / 2 2.7 GHz 2 MB HD 1050 MHz 54 Watt
Celeron G1630 2 / 2 2.8 GHz 2 MB HD 1050 MHz 55 Watt $52
Celeron G1830 2 / 2 2.8 GHz 2 MB HD 1050 MHz 54 Watt

Via CPUWorld


The Celeron series is basically a strict budget value series and the Haswell refresh of the same is no exception. With processors starting as cheap as $42, budget gamers can benefit from the latest rchitecture while keeping costs to a bare minimum. That said current games are very rarely CPU intensive (with Crysis 3 being an obvious exception) so if you skimp on the CPU to upgrade later, it is probably a wise choice. The GPU on the other hand is an other matter entirely.  The processors have the same integrated HD graphics, clocked at 1050 MHz, and come with on-chip memory controller, that supports memory up to DDR3-1333.

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The downside to these processors is that they incorporate only basic instruction sets, such as Intel 64 and SIMD instructions up to SSE4 (No 4.1/AVX and above). They do however support virtualization technology. The Haswell Celerons will require the 1150 LGA Socket.  But how much better is this refresh from Ivy Bridge? The answer is a maximum of 10%, a minimum of 1% and an average of 6%. We also have reports that the 1820T will only ship in OEM computers and wont go retail.


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