Intel Avaton (Atom) will Target Server Market with Octa Core SoC

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Intel Avaton is the 22nm Atom Processors targeted towards the low power server market. The Intel Avaton CPU SKUS have been revealed and will feature upto 8 cores in a System-on-Chip (SoC). Th Intel Avaton CPUS will be based on the Silvermont architecture and are expected to debut somewhere around Q3 2013.

Intel Avaton Atom SoC Octa Core

Intel Avaton (Atom) will Consist of 5 SKUs at Launch

The designated prefix for Intel Avaton is C. Intel Avaton will have 5 SKUS at Launch namely C2350, C2530, C2550, C2730, and C2750. They will have upto 4MB of L3 Cache and will have the SSE4 and AES instruction set.


Nomenclature of the Intel Avaton SKUs

  • Cxxxx – The first digit or prefix ‘c’ stands for Intel Avaton (Atom)
  • C2xxx – The second digit depicts the second (2013) generation
  • C235x – The third and fourth digits depict the relative performance of the Intel Avaton CPUS (Atom)
  • C2350 – The ‘0’ depicts the intended micro servers target.

Since there is very little we currently know about the SKUS, only speculation is possible. We can assume that since there are only 5 SKUS in total and scaleable upto 8 cores that would mean that:

  • Intel Avaton (Atom) C2350 is a Dual Core
  • Intel Avaton (Atom) C2530 and C2550 are Quad Cores
  • Intel Avaton (Atom) C2730 and C2750 are Octa Cores OR the C2730 is a Hexa Core.
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Intel Avaton (Atom) TDP will be Very Low

This should be a pretty obvious thing but we will say it anyway. The last generation TDP was of 6W ( Centerton) and the Avaton TDP should be lower, probably 4W. This is one of the main reasons the Avaton SoC can succeed. Because of such low TDP a Low Power server cluster can employ CPUS by the dozen without getting overwhelmed by electricity bills. They will provide a highly power efficient and focused cluster with a formidable processing power. The Intel Avaton (Atom) has the Silvermont micro architecture and this should help its processing efficiency as well.
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Intel Avaton Atom SoC Octa Core

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