Intel 8-Series Lynx Point based Chipsets for Shark Bay Platform Detailed

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Intel’s 8-Series Lynx Point chipsets for its upcoming Shark Bay (Haswell) Platform have been detailed. Lynx Point is the successor to current 7-Series Panther Point which would offer support for Haswell processor on socket LGA 1150 motherboards.

For consumers, there would be a total of four chipsets:

  • Z87
  • H87
  • H81
  • Z76

The Z87 and H87 would be same except that Z87 would offer overclocking on Unlocked “K” series processors. H81 chipset would lack most features such as Intel RST, lower PCI-e lanes and Overclocking.

For the commercial/business side, three chipsets are planned which include Q87, Q85, B85.

Overall difference between Panther point (Maho Bay) and Lynx Point doesn’t seem significant. Six groups SATA 6Gb/s over 2 on Maho Bay and DDR3/DDR3L support may not sound much of an upgrade for the enthusiasts. In a similar way, Z87 like its predecessor Z77 would be the choice for overclockers.

Haswell processors themselves would arrive by 1H 2013 although previous reports suggest that engineering samples are already being tested.

The branding scheme would remain the same with fourth generation core processors – Premium Performance (Core i7) and Mainstream Performance (Core i5) while Core i3 would be launched later on in Q3 2013. The motherboards with these chipsets would feature some neat designs with huge PWM phases for better overclocking support and stability.

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