Nexus 9 Featuring Tegra K1 Processor To Be Unveiled on October 8th

Rafia Shaikh
Posted Sep 15, 2014
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For the last few weeks, this year’s first Nexus has been in a plenty of news. In a dramatic way of leaking a device, Nvidia last week hinted at the presence of a Nexus 9 powered by the performance beast Tegra K1. Latest leak suggests that HTC Nexus 9 is indeed real and is going to be unveiled on 8th of next month, unlike Nvidia’s claim of third quarter release. Nexus 9 Tegra K1

HTC Nexus 9 Tegra K1 tablet:

Rumored as HTC Volantis, the 9-inch tablet is suggested to be powered by the extremely powerful Tegra K1. Tegra K1 is a 2.5 GHz 64-bit SoC which will see itself crazily loved by the consumers once it’s out. Nexus line itself is quite popular among the Android fans. A Portuguese source has revealed some details about this first Nexus device of 2014. Details surrounding the device have a focus on a new tube-shaped waterproof camera with a 16-megapixel camera sensor and wireless connectivity that will let the user control the device using an app.Nexus 9 Tegra K1

– Nvidia’s mention of Nexus 9 being powered by Tegra K1

This camera add-on has been in a lot of rumors as being targeted to face-off  GoPro with its unveiling date also set as October 8th. Apart from the camera details, 4gnews (the source of this leak), also shares other details of the tablet:

  • 9-inch 1080p Full HD display
  • Tegra K1 processor
  • 3 GB RAM (earlier hinted as 4 GB to be a true adopter of Android L)
  • 16 GB internal memory with 100 GB of cloud storage for two years
  • microSD slot supports up to 128GB
  • Android L

HTC’s beautiful designing and a premium processor coupled with fancy-shmancy camera and Android L sweetness – Nexus 9 is surely going to be a winner tablet!

– Source: 4GNews

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