HP and Dell to Reduce Investment for 10-inch Netbooks

Omer Saleem
Apr 2, 2010

It was bound to happen one day as the competition is growing in the Netbook market due to entry of mass production by ASUS, Acer and Samsung. The premium quality [or close to it] manufacturers HP and Dell have reportedly decided to reduce their investments in the Netbook segment as the low cost of production is what will drive their quality down. Moreover, they are now planning to increase their focus on producing 11-inch Netbooks as well as widely used Notebooks and Laptops.

Dell, which acquired premium gaming Laptop and Desktop manufacturer Alienware in 2006 has gradually penetrated into various niche segments by targeting specific markets.

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HP on the other hand has bounced back as world’s top manufacturer of PC & Laptops after the controversial career of Carly Fiorina as CEO and her exit from the company in 2005. HP since has changed its image and target market to gain more access to the end user.

Let’s see what the near future brings us as the launch of iPad has started everyone to think differently altogether about the growth of technology in personal computing segment.

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Source: Digitimes