How To Watch iPad Mini Release Event Online Live

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In just half an hour Apple will begin its special media event. A lot of big announcements are expected to be made at this event. The star of this show will definitely be the iPad Mini, that is if Apple actually releases. Despite rumors, we don’t know for sure what Apple has in store for us.

Nevertheless since 2010 Apple has not provided any livestream of its events. Apple is going to provide a stream for this particular event. In this article you will learn how to watch iPad Mini release event online live using your TV or computer.


How To Watch iPad Mini Release Event Online Live

Method #1: If you own an Apple TV it is very easy for you to watch this event. Power up your Apple TV right now and connect it to the internet. Wait for a bit because the Apple Events app will automatically show up. Launch this app at precisely 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time today, because that is when the event will kick off. This method is by far the easiest one if you have been wondering how to watch iPad Mini release event online live.

Method #2: Apple has now confirmed that it will officially be streaming this event on If you have an iOS device or a Mac computer, simply fire up the web browser and punch in the aforementioned URL. The livestream will be shown on the events page. Even if you own a Windows computer, just install QuickTime and Safari web browser then visit the events page for uninterrupted stream of the event, presented by Apple itself.

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These two very easy methods answer many readers question of how to watch iPad Mini release event online live. Apple fans have high hopes and the company is expected to announce a new Macbook, new Mac Mini, iPad Mini as well as a some new software. I wonder whether we’ll be having “One more thing…” this time around?

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