Root Moto G with Superboot – How to

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You can easily root your Moto G with Superboot. Superboot is a kernel image file which is used to install SU binaries and APK on your Moto G. Here is how to get the most of this popular mid-level, Quad-core 1.2GHz, Snapdragon 400 powered Android device. Root Moto G and start installing custom firmwares!

Note: this guide mentions steps for Windows, Mac and Linux.

how to root moto g with superboot


Prerequisites to root Moto G with Superboot:

  • Your device’s bootloader should be unlocked; you can easily do it from Motorola Website.
  • Before rooting, create a backup of your Moto G as unlocking will erase all the data from your device.
  • Your Moto G must charged to at least 60% before you start the process.

How to root Moto G with superboot:

Required files: download and install Android SDK: Android SDK. Also download the Superboot ( from this link. Extract the superboot folder on your computer.

  • Power your Moto G off; press Volume Down and Power buttons altogether to boot your device into bootloader mode.
  • Connect your Moto G to the computer using a USB cable and do the following:
    • For Windows: run superboot-windows.bat as an Administrator.
    • For MAC, open a terminal window to the directory containing the superboot files and type the following commands:
      • chmod +x
      • sudo ./
    • For Linux, open a terminal window to the directory and type the following:

      • chmod +x
      • sudo ./
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Ta da! Reboot your Moto G and you will have the super access to your device. Enjoy the real FREE mobile life.

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