Haswell Is Up To Three Times Faster Than Ivy Bridge

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Sources close to Intel have confirmed from road maps of Intel’s new Haswell processors that their performance will me three times faster than Ivy Bridge when it comes to onboard 3D graphics.

The fourth generation core architecture is able to score three times more the performance achieved by Ivy Bridge’s GT1 with the Haswell graphics being labeled as the GT2.

This means faster conversion times when encoding videos, a thing Intel has been gradually improving over the years. This in turn may lead to AMD and Nvidia to lose their market share in entry level notebooks as well has desktops.

When reaching Nvidia’s general managers regarding this story, they replied if Intel made this move, they would in turn produce faster entry level GPUs. Same might be the case for AMD as well as they are already incorporating faster built in graphics in their APUs with every passing generation.

Things will heat up as we get closer to the 2nd quarter of 2013.

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