Hardware Deal of the Day – EVGA GTX FTW 980 Moderately Marked Down

Jeff Williams
Aug 21, 2015
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EVGA is discounting their stock clocked though ACX 2.0 cooled GTX 980 FTW for a limited time. You can snatch it up for a cool $479.99 instead of the normal $499.99. Not epic, but cheaper enough to sway some into making the upgrade jump.

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Newegg exclusive discount on the EVGA GTX 980 looks mighty tempting at $479.99.

The good thing is that this isn’t with any rebate, but a natural discount without any kind of rebate or other strings attached. The ACX 2.0 cooler is robust enough to allow for some decent overclocks over the stock 1126MHz clock speeds, that and the understated looks might compliment many a build.

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