GTX 465 to have 200W Thermal Design Power

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May 28, 2010
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Not far from launch day, Nvidia’s new GPU the Geforce GTX 465 which is said to be a cut down version of the GTX 470 will have a TDP of 200w.

The card will be a dual slot GPU and 2x 6-pin pci-e connectors will provide it juice. The recommended PSU for the card will be any good 550w. The Thermal design power will be 200w which is 15 w lower than GTX 470 while 50w lower than the much faster GTX 480.

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The thermal threshold is 105C which is the same as GTX 470 and 480. Not being much difference than GTX 470, the new card will come with a lower price tag and will have 1024 Mb memory instead of 1280mb as of GTX 470 and bandwidth is lowered to 102.6 Gb/s from 133.9 Gb/s of GTX 470.

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The card will have a 256-bit memory interface and will be launch date is next week.


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