Google Tablet to have Flash and Chrome Browser

Omer Saleem
Apr 13, 2010
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Details of the “Google Tablet” are getting out in the wild where Eric Schmidt, CEO Google, has reportedly told his friends at a party that Google tablet will likely to have Chrome as a browser and will also have flash support.

NYTimes Blog reported that Eric has also said that the “new device” will run on Android and this year we will see a lot more smart phones and tablets emerge in the market. Now does that mean that Apple will have a fierce competition from Google and what happened on that coffee break between Eric and Steve.

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Schmidt also said that they might not get it right the first time and both companies (Apple and Google) will have a couple of years to really figure it out. Keeping in view that the First-Gen iPhone was a small towards Apple producing a unique hardware and software combination in the form of iPad, Google is on the similar track. We will be anxiously waiting for Google to unveil more details on the tablet they have been working on.

Via SlashGear / NY Times

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