Google search Instant preview comes to Android

Posted 6 years ago

Source: Androinica

Anybody who has used Google or who currently uses it might have seen a small magnifying glass in front of every search result. Google calls this instant previews and it allows the user to peek into the page without having to actually open it just by hovering the cursor over the magnifying glass. This greatly simplifies the searching process and makes it less cumbersome. This is done by skipping the constant going back and forth the results as you look for the relevant one because now you can simply see the preview of the result without having to open it.

While this may not be of such a great help on a desktop, it’s a blessing on a cellphone. With small screens and less processing power, it takes longer to open full HTML pages and repeatedly going back and forth the results does tend to become annoying. Not anymore. Google has added the preview functionality in all Android phones that run version 2.2 and above. Simply search for something and click on the magnifying glass to see a preview. Currently only 38 languages are supported.


Source: Androinica

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