Disguise Your AirPods as Dental Floss to Keep Them From Getting Stolen

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Jan 3, 2017
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Worried that someone might steal your AirPods? Fear not, there’s a simple trick going viral that’ll help you keep your prized possession from ever getting stolen.

Disguise Your AirPods to Look Like Dental Floss – Who Steals That Anyway, Right?

There are many things out there which thieves will never ever consider putting their hands on, such as dental floss. Keeping that in mind, the AirPods’ Charging Case looks awfully familiar to dental floss, without a doubt. So, if you slap a reputable dental floss brand’s sticker on your AirPods’ case, you’ll end up with something that looks surprisingly legit, keeping your AirPods safe form prying eyes.

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But wait, you don’t have to rip off a sticker from a dental floss pack, you really don’t. You can simply head over to Etsy and buy one for your AirPods. We are not making this up at all. Simply head over to this link and check out the glorious masterpiece.

Each sticker will set you back $4.99. While not cheap, but it’s tailor made to be slapped onto an AirPods’ case. Just think about it – if you ever left your ‘dental floss’ case on, let’s say, a Starbucks table, who would be in the right mind to take it with them?

If you are interested in picking one of these stickers, you can head over to Etsy right away. But remember, you have the option of ripping off an old sticker from somewhere to use on the AirPods. Leave all options open before parting ways with your cash.

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Wrap Up

The AirPods are pretty darn expensive, but the cost is somewhat justified when you consider the amount of technology Apple has packed in them. Apart from that, the potential to lose one earpiece is high as well. This is a problem I’m certain many people will see as legit. And it’s not cheap to get a replacement earpiece as Apple will charge you $69 for it. So please, when you are out and about, don’t rely completely on stickers and other means, keep a solid eye on your possession. There’s a lot that can happen if you show signs of carelessness.


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