Complete List of Reference and Factory Overclocked GeForce GTX 660Ti’s Leaked – 3GB Models Listed Too

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The complete list and specifications of GeForce GTX 660Ti Reference/Factory Overclocked models from various vendors have been leaked.The most surprising bit is that the card would also be available in 3GB version from specific manufacturers.

Following are the list of GTX 660Ti models from various vendors:

Galaxy Tech:

  • GF-PGTX660Ti-OC3GD5 – 3GB GDDR5 1006/1084/6008MHz, 6+8 Pin – Price: $349
  • GF-PGTX660Ti-OC2GD5 – 2GB GDDR5 1006/1084/6008MHz, 6+8 Pin – Price: $299


  • GTX 660Ti-DC2-2GD5 – 2GB GDDR5 915/980/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin – Price: $329
  • GTX660 TI-DC2OG-2GD5 – 2GB GDDR5 1029/1098/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin – Price $359
  • GTX660 TI-DC2T-2GD5 – 2GB GDDR5 Clock Frequencies Unknown
  • GTX660 TI-DC2TG-2GD5 – 2GB GDDR5 Clock Frequencies Unknown


  • GW-GTX660Ti 2GBD5 PHANTOM – 2GB GDDR5 1006/1084/6108MHz, 6+6 Pin – Price $329
  • GW-GTX660Ti 2GBD5 – 2GB GDDR5 915/980/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin – Price $299


  • C660-3SDN-L5GSX (GTX 660Ti Ice Dragon Edition)- 3GB GDDR5 1006/6200MHz Price: $399
  • N660-1DDN-E5GS – 2GB GDDR5 915/980/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin – Price: $299


  • ZT-GTX660Ti AMP Edition – 2GB GDDR5 1033/1111/6608MHz, 6+6 Pin Price: $429
  • ZT-GTX660Ti 2GB Edition – 2GB GDDR5 915/980/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin Price: $299


  • N660GTX-Ti Twin Frozr IV -Power Edition OC – 2GB GDDR5 1019/1097/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin Price: $349
  • N660GTX-Ti Twin Frozr IV -Power Edition 2GB – 2GB GDDR5 915/980/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin Price: $329
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  • GV-N66TOC-2GD – 1033MHz/1111/6008MHz 2GB GDDR5 Price: $349
  • GV-N66TiW-2GD – 915MHz/980/6008MHz 2GB GDDR5 Price: $299
  • EVGA GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked – 2GB GDDR5, Factory Overclocked, 6+6 Pin Price: $329
PNY Technologies:
  • VCGGTX660TXPB – 2GB GDDR5 915/980/6008MHz, 6+6 Pin Price: $299
COLORFUL Technology:
  •  iGame GTX 660Ti ARES X – 2GB GDDR5 1019 / 1097 / 6008, 6+6 Pin Price: $359

These are the cards that would be available at launch on 16th August. Prices maybe changed since most of them are not confirmed yet but the specifications are final.

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