Gateway reveals new LT32 series netbooks

Syavash Pahore
Jul 8, 2010
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Gateway is famous for their branded desktop PCs and for their portable solutions as well though at a smaller extent. Today they have revealed the LT32 series of netbooks with prices starting at $500.

The Netbooks are powered by an AMD processor with an ATI HD4225 GPU for viewing HD videos. It has a 6 cell battery that provides long batterly life up-to 5.5hours and a 11.6″ LED display.

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Other features include a 16:9 aspect ratio which is ideal for watching movies, Wifi, Ethernet port,  FULL HD HDMI output, built-in camera and micrphone and a 250GB hard drive. The netbook only weighs a but under 3pounds and is super slim at just 1 inches thick.

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