50% Off Game Creator’s Ultimate Bundle: Everything You Need to Make Epic Games

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Oct 14, 2016

With a development engine, 1000+ entities, assets and more, you can now have everything you need to make epic games. Head over to WCCFtech Deals and get a 50% discount on the Game Creator’s Ultimate Bundle. Now, for just $56.99, for a limited time only.

The Game Creator’s Ultimate Bundle

Get everything you need to start building your own epic PC and mobile games with this seven-part package. From detailed instruction to the actual game engine to awesome 2D and 3D assets, this bundle will have you creating and sharing your own games in no time.

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  • App Game Kit: includes an easy, instant game development engine for building apps for multiple platforms
  • Giant Asset Pack: contains over 500 royalty-free sprites, sprite sheets & sprite construction sets providing more than 2,000 individual action orientated sprites
  • Giant Asset Pack 2: contains over 1,500 royalty-free sprites & sprite sheets providing more than 3,000 individual puzzle and adventure orientated sprites
  • The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide: gives you the expertise you need to fully express your imagination & create your own professional-level games
  • GameGuru: allows you to make a multiplayer game in a few minutes, including hosting & sharing your game online
  • GameGuru – Mega Pack 1: contains over 530 game-ready 3D entities
  • Finally, GameGuru – Mega Pack 2: contains over 600 game-ready entities including castles, dungeons, caves & special effects

Details and requirements

  • Learn more about App Game Kit here
  • Learn more about Giant Asset Pack here
  • To Learn more about Giant Asset Pack 2 here
  • Learn more about The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide click here
  • Learn more about GameGuru here
  • For more about GameGuru – Mega Pack 1 here
  • Learn more about GameGuru – Mega Pack 2 here

Original value: $114.99 | WCCFtech Deals: $56.99 at 50% discount