Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 Listed on Newegg for $504.99

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Mar 22, 2012

Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 has been listed at Newegg for a price of $504.99, The card is based on the reference design featuring stock core clock of 1006MHz and a 2GB GDDR5 Memory clocked at 1.5GHz (6GHz Effective).

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The card is compatible with PCIe Gen 3 and supports upto 4 Monitors in 3D-Vision mode, Quad Way SLI is also supported. Display outputs include 2 x DVI, 1 HDMI and a Display port, TDP is rated at 195W.

A Video presentation of GeForce GTX 680 was released a while ago which you can check out here.

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You can check out the pictures below: