EVGA Unleashes Classified SR-2 Power Supply in the Market.

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Aug 11, 2010

EVGA has released its new SR-2 Classified Power Supply delivering up to 1200 watts of continuous power while maintaining a 80 Plus Silver certification. This with 6 +12v rails providing up to 38A and fine-tuning knobs which allows users to adjust +12V Rails and the fanspeed for Optimal Performance.

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The Power Supply is specifically designed for the monstrous EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard, but can also be used with other Motherboards and setups.

The Power Supply provides Continous Power to the PC Components providing a steady rate of power. The PSU also features Advanced Hybrid Cable Management combined with modular PSU designs, and achieves low wire-transmission loss as well as better cable management for improved airflow. The PSU also features a Powercache which means this PSU has a high-performance capacitor that delivers an extra power reserve.

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