EK Announces Water Block For MSI GTX680 Lightning Edition Graphics Card

Sabeeh Qureshi
Sep 11, 2012
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EK, known for its premium water cooling solutions has come up with a new water block specifically designed for MSI N680GTX Lightning Edition graphics card on the market.

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Better known as the ‘EK-FC680 GTX Lightning’ (or LTG for short), the new block directly cools the GPU, RAM and as well as the VRMs that tend to heat up on heavy overvolting and allow the cards to achieve higher clocks and remain stable throughout their whole time period.

The design overall has been maintained as for a high flow system that would allow weaker pumps to sufficiently disperse heat from the graphics card with ease.

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The base of the block is composed of nickel plated electrolytic copper while the top is constructed from high quality POM Acetal material. There is even the possibility to pair up four of these bad boys thanks to the EK-FC Bridge & Link system.

Pricing has yet to be disclosed.

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