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Rizwan Anwer
Jun 4, 2012
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E3 is upon us and this post is all you need to catch up to E3 and all that’s happening, its via text so that those of you stuck at school / work or other places don’t have to miss out on the action so enjoy :

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The conference has started off with some Halo 4 game play of Cortana and the Chief on a planet and its showing live gameplay footage straight from an XBOX 360, the game looks ABSOLUTELY amazing.

Halo 4 ends with quite the cliff hanger and Chief looks like he is really in a spot of trouble,

SPLINTER CELL BLACK LIST IS NOW OFFICIAL, and now gameplay footage is being shown, this is again being shown on an XBOX 360 and is a sequel to conviction.

Black list looks like a blend of Metal Gear, Assassins Creed and old school Splinter Cell I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS GAME

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Mark and execute is still in the game and the game is more fast paced than the previous game ever was before but still maintains the element of stealth in a unique way.

It seems Sam Fisher took some time to borrow the Future Soldier gear . The game will come out in 2013 and will have co op and more features to make old school fans feel welcome.

Madden 13 and FIFA 13 to come with Kinect integration and gameplay will be shown momentarily

Joe Montana; Will come on stage and talk about the Kinect integration with Madden 13.

I don’t want to come off as a fanboy but the lag between Joe giving order to the Kinect and the game receiving it is too much to handle hope its fixed in the final release

Madden 13 for Kinect is coming August 28th 2012

Fable: The Journey just got announced for Kinect, let’s hope its better than the recent Fable game.

New Gears of War: judgement trailer just got released. and is set for a 2013 release with a very exciting trailer

A New Forza has just been announced. The name is Forza Horizon the game is coming october 23rd .

Kinect will offer multiple language input for Bing Search

Nickelodeon is coming to the XBOX 360 and so Machinima, and univision for spanish users, PULSE will also be added for celebrity related media.

MLB.TV , NBA game time and League Pass , NHL game center , ESPN And XBOX are bringing 24 / 7 live events through Watch ESPN on XBOX 360, you will get access to ESPN, ESPN 2 , ESPN 3 , ESPN U. And now they are showing a trailer show casing the following above changes.

Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phone 7 phones and XBOX will work together to bring sports and entertainment to you on the go.

XBOX Music just got announced with over 30 million tracks, the complete music treat for XBOX fans.

XBOX Music will be integrated with all windows phone 7, windows tablets, PC and XBOX 360s

now we are going to see the “future of fitness” with Kinect.

The game is ” Nike + Kinect Training ” for Kinect it kind of looks like Wii Sports Resort / Wii Fit but for the XBOX.

Nike + Will sync with your windows phone and help you keep track of your fitness and give you an assessment every 4 months, and with XBOX live you can find people to train with.

Marc Whitten is on stage talking about integration of smart devices to unify your experience while gaming, watching etc.

XBOX Smartglass just got introduced you can transmit what you were watching on a tablet or a phone can be switched to an XBOX 360 for video output while it pauses the playback on the previous device.

Smartglass gives you information on your smart device about your current playing show / movie / tv show and tell you about it while you are watching it on your XBOX 360.

It seems Smartglass isn’t only for tablets but its also for games, like in madden 13 you can use a tablet to plot out your plays before hand.

In Halo 4 you can join multiplayer matches and save your singleplayer campaign too. using your tablet.

Looks like internet Explorer 9 is about to unveiled for the XBOX 360

Just got announced; its officially coming with kinect voice integration. making search and surfing easier.

Marc just played a promeheus trailer using XBOX Kinect and Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9 on XBOX 360 can be controlled with your Windows Phone / Windows tablet.

Smartglass is coming for XBOX 360, Windows Phone and tablets this fall .

Now he is talking about XBOX integration in Windows 8, with XBOX Games and bringing XBOX to Windows 8



Lara lost her Gun license but she managed to steal Katniss Everdeen’s Bow. and the game will also come with Quick Time Events like the previous games.

That was a hell of a gameplay video , the game looks like Uncharted with a female protagonist. The first piece of DLC will launch exclusively with XBOX 360 and the game is still coming in 2013.

3 WORLD PREIMERE TITLES: Toy Soldiers, Ascend: New Gods and one other game which is yet to be announced.

Ascend: New Gods is coming 2013 and now Iris is being shown, something about an assassin based in the future.

My bad the game is called Loco Cycle and is coming 2013.

And now a game got matter got shown which is still a mystery but has a sphere as a protagonist.


I THINK HE CALLED the girl Claire, again this is my hearing so its not official and a helicopter fell from the sky on to them.

The game will have running / chase sequences where players have to outrun dangers.

The girls name is Elena and Quick Time events are back

Trailer ends with Leon and Elena surviving a helicopter crash and landing on a glass floor surrounded by hordes of Zombies.

Another game called Wrecketeer is being announced for the Kinect, imagine Angry Birds with cannonballs and castles but with kinect movement controls. Its coming this summer on XBOX Live

South Park MMORPG trailer is being shown off. if you are a fan of the series you will undoubtedly enjoy this game a LOT. The game is called

“South Park: Stick of Truth”

A new Dance Floor Kinect Game just got announced, It’s a new “Dance Central 3”

Usher is showing off one of the many dance moves to expect in Dance Central 3.

Some more Halo  4 talk, this looks good : D AND NOW CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2

looks like a game play trailer looks like early into the game, air force one is down, playing as Mason, and now the transport you were just got T-Boned by A downed helicopter.

new weapons, futuristic look now controlling a SAM Turret to shoot down unmanned airplanes, usual amount of explosions and adrenaline and it seems objective is to escort the president to safety

A new gun / scope lets you shoot and see through walls, similar to the AUGER in the resistance series on the PS3.

Now the action is taken to a mall, you can now assign targets to unmanned bombers to attack targets for you. A building just fell and now Mason is taking control of a jet. Jet combat is unscripted and is free control : D much like the first Black Ops.

It seems to have taken a break, should be back in a couple of hours or less.



EA CONFERENCE STARTING IN 1 minute 30 seconds : D

E3 EA IS LIVE!!!!!


Dead Space 3 will have single player story and drop in drop out coop. And the game play trailer showing act 2 with Isaac and Carver fighting a horde of necromorphs is playing

Isaac and John have a giant drill and a horde of necromorphs on them and both are arguing like Kane and Lynch. THIS GAME WILL BE AMAZING.

The drill is down and both are headed out to the surface for a heavy gun fight, and now a gigantic boss has entered the scene.

The boss looked like the hive mind boss from Dead Space 1 and its now digesting John and Isaac, Isaac goes to 3 glowing balls and the demo ends. The game is coming Feb 2013

Looks like Madden 13 just got announced, and now its being talked about with the new engine called the “infinity engine” this will make the game more real in the sense that player injuries can affect their stats.

Michael Irvin is on the stage now discussing the career options in Madden 13

Madden 13 is over

Maxis logo on the screen, Simcity is being talked about now. The return of the legend sand box game is coming to Facebook

Move over Farmville, Sim City Social is coming in a few weeks. And now the Sim City PC version is being talked about with the Glass Box Engine.

A trailer is being shown and it just finished, this is going to be the first multiplayer sim city and will let you play with friends or random and your actions affect your city along with the cities around you. and now more Sim City is going to be shown.

Sim City is also coming Feb 2013 : D

BATTLEFIELD 3 on the screen, could this be the announcement of Battlefield premium and a look into Close Quarters and Other DLC’s? 😀

Battlefield Premium is official, all the unique stuff, free DLC’s and cosmetic items.


Battlefield 3 Premium is available 2 weeks Earlier for PS3 users and XBOX 360 / PC users a week after, and now they are showing Close Quarters DLC gameplay.

Scratch that they are showing scenes from all the upcoming DLC’s THIS IS SWEET.

STAR WARS THEME!!! The Old Republic is being talked about now. I smell an Expansion pack.

More PVP Warzones and nightmare mode for veterans. A new planet Makeb revolving the story of the Hutt Cartel. It sounds like an expansion. and the game will soon be free to play like WoW uptil Level 15.


It will run on frotstbite 2 and all events will be based on actual events OR real hot zones. And now a gameplay footage is playing.

You can play as 12 different operative from 10 different TIER 1  units the multiplayer looks like something that might be able to compete with Battlefield 3.

and now a multiplayer game play video is playing.

It seems that Another EA Sport game is being announced, Madden NFL Social has been announced. A game which can be played on Facebook AND Smartphones.

Now it looks like FIFA 13 is being announced.

Never mind it looks like something called EA Football Club. A social club for Fans of FIFA and the game series

And now FIFA 13 game play premiere trailer is playing.

A new UFC game is being announced



The auto log feature from previous Need for Speed games is making a comeback in this game and now a gameplay video is being shown.

THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING GAME EVER! I will be keeping this game on my calender! AND ITS COMING ON OCTOBER 30th 😀


A GAMEPLAY DEMO IS BEING PLAYED! Its a console demo though so don’t judge the graphics just yet.

Same HUD and UI as Crysis 2 but better graphics.

despite being a console version the FPS looks sturdy, I love the new engine.

Looks like Prophet borrows John Rambo’s Bow and Arrow set to take down a helicopter LIKE A BOSS

What an “Explosive” ending . I am going to go on a limb and say that this will be the better version of all the games.

and I think the conference ends here.


Ubisoft conference is in an hour. so Stay Tuned.

Wow this thing started like a Bollywood award show, probably the reveal of a new Just Dance game for the Kinect.

Yep Just Dance 4 just danced its way to the stage .

Far Cry 3 VERY NSFW Trailer just came online. O_o Very amazing graphics and this is the PS3 version being played right now.

Bow and Arrows seem to be the thing this year, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3 and now Far Cry 3.

This is way more fast paced and unpredictable than Far Cry 2, I like it.

Far Cry 3 looks very trippy with many moments in the game that make you feel like you are more drugged than are sober.

The personality of the antagonist is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in any video game in the past years , he is bold, crazy and completely unpredictable.


An explosive single player trailer which shows Third Echelon is gone and Sam is now with Fourth Echelon.

Avengers the game is being shown, and so far I am less than impressed and not even optimistic on the games “success”

The game is called The Avengers: Battle For Earth, and its coming for the Wii-U too.

Wii-U is going to be demonstrated on the Ubisoft stage running one of their games.

Rayman is being run on the Wii-U right now, so far so good.

A new Wii-U exclusive Character named Murphy will be controlled solely by the Wii-U Controllers touch screen. Very innovative.

5 Player support for the Wii-U Version of Rayman.

An FPS Wii-U Exclusive survival horror shooter? I am IN!

Reminds me of the Original Dead Island Trailer, the family vacation one.

So the games name is ZombiU and is being made by Ubisoft. By the trailer it seems to be centered in post zombie apocalypse England which is rare in games.

Rabbids are making a comeback 😀 I LOVED RAYMAN: RAVING RABIDS!

It seems that Ubisoft and Wii-U have quite the games lined up.

And NOW Assassins Creed 3 is about to be shown : D FINALLY!

A Hawk is watching the bloodshed and it takes us to Connor who gets on a horse to slaughter an entire army of British soldiers ALL by himself.


Connor is hunting a Pack of Deer or maybe someone else 😉 so far Connor is able to climb and maneuver around trees which is a first for the game and now he is fighting a pack of Wolves and assassinating them.

This is PS3 version footage and it seems sidequests are making a come back in the game.

It seems that the person playing the game chose the high profile approach for the interest of time.

Connor just did one of the most bad ass assassinations in the history assassinations in the series!

Game will cover 30 years of Connor, before, during and after the Revolutionary war. the main enemies of the game are still Templar regardless of American or British.

Toby Turner is now on stage talking about E-Sports and the audience .

A new E-Sport Genre game is announced, its going to be an FPS called “Shootmania” Let’s wait and see.

Many of the big names in Counter-Strike are playing “Shootmania” let’s see how it is. It’s still in ALPHA phase though.

3 guys with 1 shot kill weapons vs 1 woman with an RPG that is a 2 shot kill, seems really fair. Now its reversed.

I have no idea what I just watched, “Shootmania” tries to be like Quake Live but more … unique?

The CEO of Ubisoft is talking about a new IP, let’s see.

While the graphics really look stunning for a console game I am having a hard time getting around the story or the setting of the game, the protagonist is so … lifeless.

So it seems like the game is “Turn out the Lights” and right now I have no idea I just watched. The presentation was rushed and so was the presenter, I didn’t catch a single word aside from the name.

The game looks slow and boring. Has nothing special about the protagonist I haven’t seen in any “Hacker” or similar genre movie.

Looks like a video game adaption of “Person of Interest”; a TV Show.

Seems like the game will have Co-Op

Turns out the game is called “Watch Dogs” Or “Watch_Dogs”.

So my thoughts on the game were while it had a slow start and looked boring and then the game picks up speed and shows us more about the story without really telling us much about the protagonist but what we do know is he is not only a suave hacker but also a skilled gun man and a professional who definitely knows how to get him self out of sticky situations.

And the E3 Ubisoft conference comes to an end 😀

Sony E3 conference is about to start. Can’t wait for Last of Us, God of War: Ascension and the new Smash Brawl game. (PlayStation All Stars)

Looks like there is going to be a lot of reveal regarding the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Move. As long as I get the Last of Us Goodies I don’t care :D.

Oh God the DUBSTEP! Why are industries using this horrible form of “MUSIC?!”

I just saw Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, IS VALVE GOING TO BE HERE?!

So far THE BEST opening presentation of the night 😀 and now Jack Tretton is on the stage.

Looks like Jack Tretton just introduced Quantic Dream and their project Beyond, I CAN’T WAIT!

DAVID CAGE IS ON THE STAGE ANNOUNCING A NEW IP, IT HAS TO BE Beyond! I can’t wait for details on it.


The game centers around a girl named Jodie Holmes who is able share a connection with the dead, and the actress playing Jodie Holmes is NONE other than ELLEN PAGE!

The graphics are LEVELS above Heavy Rain, which was breath taking on the PS3 upon its release.


It seems that Jodie is a closed person and has someone watching over her all the time. Now SWAT just bust into the police station she was in which means she is a significant threat.

As always Quantic Dream manages to have the audience on their toes and all of the footage is IN GAME!

Beyond will be emotional, mature, unique, epic, breath taking and spectacular according to David Cage and as always you have to make the right choices to discover the real truth of Beyond.

So it turns out PlayStation Battle Royale was hinted all along in the video which went viral a year back titled “Michael” and now game play and trailers are being shown of the game.

Play Station Battle Royale will be on the Vita on the PS3 and will have cross platform support.

Now the developers will show off a 4 player fight in the game , 2 playing on the PS3 and 2 playing on the PS Vita.


Turns out Nathan Drake and Big Daddy from Bioshock are the two new characters for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

More indie games are on the way for the PSN store.

PlayStation Plus is on the screen lets see whats the new goodies.

In the Month of June North American Gamers will be able to Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Saints Row 2 and this will continue for the whole year. And everyone in the E3 hall gets a free year of PlayStation Plus.

PsOne Classics are now going to be officially available for the PSVita.

Along with YouTube Hulu and Crackle are coming on the PlayStation Vita.

Call of Duty is coming to the PlayStation Vita! Will be sold as Call of Duty: Declassified in the Holiday Season

More Assassins Creed 3 Gameplay for the Vita, this is Assassins Creed: Liberation. I AM PSYCHED.

Coming October 30th for the PlayStation Vita. And it will be just as optimized for the Vita just like Uncharted: Golden Abyss was.

If you link your PlayStation Vita Assassins Creed: Liberation save with PS3 Assassins Creed 3 you get many items for Connor in the game.

And the White PlayStation Vita has been officially announced

Looks like jungles and mountains aren’t the only battleground in Assassins Creed 3 as Connor takes his fight to the sea’s.

The sea battle presentation was absolutely stunning AND amazing.

Far Cry 3 is taking the stage again, this should be interesting.

It seems that the PlayStation Eye might soon come integrated with Augmented Reality technology similar to what the Nintendo 3DS has. It’s going to be called “WonderBook” .

J.K Rowling is now coming on the stage to talk about “Wonderbook and the book of Spells” And is a strong collaboration between PlayStation and the author.

So the PlayStation Move will be your “magic wand” and now a gameplay video is playing.

Definitely some thing aimed for kids, No way I’d be caught playing with a “Wonderbook”.

Longest presentation ever, Wish they would just move on to Last of Us or something more “mature” like God of War: Ascension.

I honestly can not stand another minute of this, BEYOND SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE TIME THIS GAME GOT.

Now PlayStation Suite is being talked about, meaning You can soon play PlayStation games on certain Android devices.

PlayStation Suite has now been Renamed to PlayStation Mobile.

I hear God of War music, HELLO GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION!

EPIC Gameplay trailer is now on the screen! This is the game mother of prequels for the God of War series, back when Kratos was still a mortal and its using the same engine as God of War 3 meaning the game will have an amazing story with superb graphics to match.

Kratos is now a time traveler? This is interesting, he reconstructed a broken dock with a green field.

Kratos can now mix up combat between his blades and bare fists. NICE!

An elephant on two feet with a mace? guess he made all the cyclops extinct.

The trailer ends with Kratos exposing the poor elephants brains and him charging head first into the Kraken under the ocean. The game is coming out March 2013.



I see a health bar, med kits and a gun with only 4 bullets in it, Naughty Dog really is making this a challenging game. It seems that weapons and ammo are scarce in this game just as they were in I am Alive, and you will have to scavenge for ammo. or depend on the element of surprise.

Joel doesn’t mess around, not when Ellie is in danger.

The game will have an inventory system so you can make weapons on the fly like fire bottles. And the ending of the game play is EPIC with Joel unloading the business end of a shot gun into another scavengers face!

and that’s a wrap : D E3 is over. See you at the Nintendo Conference.

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