Dual Screen Tablet

Jun 4, 2010
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Its a book. Its a tablet. NO!. Its a DUAL SCREEN TABLET!. Say hello, to The Kno by Kno, Inc. The device is of course as you can see a dual screen with a 14″ screen attached to hinges that are to target the educational sector. Simply, because they look like a book and can also act like one. Really helpful.One thing needed to be complaint about is the fact that the thing weighes at around 5.5 pounds, almost near to a laptop.

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The Kno supports itself on the Linux and also includes Adobe Flash, something that is quite in-date now a days. The developers are urging other developers to make it’s very own App Store. The device is targeted to be around less than $1,000 but accurate figures still remain unclear.

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via: Mashable

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