Download Android L Bootanimation, Notifications, Alarms, and More!

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Jul 4, 2014
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While the lucky users of Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 can run the very latest Android L through its developer preview on their smartphones, others have to wait till fall. If you too fall in that latter category, worry not as we are trying to get you as many Android L goodies as we can. We have already shared with you some awesomely designed and captured Android L wallpapers, here are a few links to help you download Android L bootanimation, ringtones, notifications, and much more.

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Install these Android L tids and bits and get to experience what Google is going to offer this fall. Following are the links to help you download the zip files on your computers. You can then extract these > move to your Android device and ta da!download Android L bootanimation

Download Android L bootanimation, ringtones, alarms, and more!

Here are the links to get yourself some Android L awesomeness!

While everything else is pretty straightforward, here are a few steps to help you with getting Android L bootanimation on your device:

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  • Copy the zip to your Android device and install ES file manager app (you can also use Root explorer)
  • Run the manager and locate your original boot animation file in the /system/media location.
  • Rename the original file to bootanimation.zip1.
  • Move the downloaded Android L to the same folder as above.
  • Long-press the file to choose Properties or Permission and change them to the settings as shown in the screenshot:download Android L bootanimation
  • Reboot your Android device to see the changes and enjoy the new boot animation among various other things.

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