Devil May Cry E3 2011 trailer released

Rizwan Anwer
Jun 9, 2011
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After the massive success of the first DmC Trailer I decided to remind people that E3 came and went and this trailer was one that almost got away (From the attention of the public)

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As you can see they have added a little more gameplay footage to the game, while the combat system looks new and better fans will be disappointed to know that an Edward Cullen look alike of Dante is still the character of the game, but earlier in the video you can see him change to our favorite Dante with white hair, so maybe you play alternating stories of the characters like how you used to in Devil May Cry 2?

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Ninja Theory is under a lot of fires from fans everywhere claiming that the new Dante is a shame to the gaming community and even I have to admit if they keep this current guy as the MAIN character of the game I am definitely going to ignore this game and waste money on Devil May Cry HD Collection instead to relive the glory days before DmC came and ruined a perfectly good franchise.

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