More Details Surface On Nvidia’s Upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Graphics Card

Sabeeh Qureshi
Jun 20, 2012
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As the launch nears its date, someone had the privilege of having a sneak peek onto Nvidia’s well guarded upcoming 6 series GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. And as the source tells us, it’s going to be much shorter than originally anticipated.

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Apparently user PHK from expreview had gotten an exclusive look onto the new upcoming graphics card and detailed a few features we can expect.

First off, the card is SHORTER than the current GTX 670 in terms of PCB length. The card will have a TDP of 100W (that aligns up with the rumors of the card having one 6 Pin PCI-E connector) and the memory bandwidth to have a total output of 192 GB/s.

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The length will be around roughly 4 inches with the outputs to consist of a Dual DVI, a DisplayPort and an HDMI out. The card will also have a 4 to 6 Phase VRM so you can expect somewhat of overclocking to be on the card.

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