Dead Space: Severed DLC trailer released

Rizwan Anwer
Feb 24, 2011

Dead Space 2 came out not too long ago and near the release date a DLC was announced along with the game, it would be called Severed. All we know is that we will see the return of Lexine and Gabe from the PS3 / Wii game Dead Space: Extraction. The DLC will have 2 chapters based in the sprawl, judging by the trailer I would definitely say the game is a prequel to Dead Space 2 (atleast before Issac is woken up).

Flame Thrower on a brute … SERIOUSLY?!

Dead Space 2 was a huge improvement over it’s predecessor and this is the first DLC which offers additional story to a Dead Space game. The trailer looks amazing and I definitely can’t wait to see this when it’s released on PlayStation Network and XBOX Live Marketplace.

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