New Dead Space 2 Gameplay revealed

Rizwan Anwer
Jan 11, 2011

Dead Space 2 is officially 2 weeks away from its release and I just found the most interesting gameplay video on YouTube which is just making me more excited to grab this game as soon as I can for my PS3.

I love how they have made us more involved in Issac Clarkes story, and have they have given a more lively role in the game. The addition of hacking consoles and such would prove to be a great convenience later on not to mention that Issac plays a more active role by talking back to the people talking to him.

Although basing the story 3 years after the events of the Ishimura is a bit of a bad move on EA’s end wouldn’t you say? I would have preferred that they continue the events following the immediate escape of Issac off the Ishimura.

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