Crysis 2 online is tweakable, say hello to free hacks

Rizwan Anwer
Mar 29, 2011

So Crytek may have done a big fudge up when they were designing the MP of this game …

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What you see above is a video of PURE rampage being done to players by some one who ISN’T using any hacks of the kind all he did was a few client side tweaks to a few files in the game directory, he manipulated the energy, nanovision, damage and speed and as you can see the result is … well a really over powered individual handing out punishment on a silver platter so far this hack is possible on PC and will probably spread to JTAG XBOX 360 and Jailbroken PS3’s.

But I just have to say this … GOD DAMN CRYTEK what have you done? I mean this is really embarrassing. I hope Crytek manages to fix this in the future before it gets WAY out of hand.

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For demonstration purpose only. Crysis2.exe was not hacked. No external hack application is running in the background. Just a few tweaks client side.
Tweaks: Energy/Nanovision/Speed/Damages