Far Cry 4 Looks Absolutely Gorgeous at 5K

Archie Paras
Apr 11, 2015
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PC Gamer has released some 5K screenshots of Far Cry 4, and it looks absolutely amazing. Although most of us won’t get to experience the title at such a high-resolution, the images are displayed in the gallery below for your viewing pleasure.


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Far Cry 4 looks stunning at 5K, but the game looks exceptionally good at 4K as well

To be able to run Far Cry 4 at 5K resolution at playable framerates, PC gamers would need an incredibly powerful setup with at least dual or more high-end GPUs, and of course a 5K monitor. The use of Nvidia’s DSR also enables rendering the game at such a high-resolution and then downscaling at the native resolution of the monitor. Although the hit on the GPU will be approximately the same.

Far Cry at 4K also looks quite beautiful, and can certainly be enjoyed by a larger amount of PC gamers out there. With the recently released GeForce GTX Titan X, playable framerates at 4K with a single GPU  has become feasible. We will bring you any new beautiful Ultra High resolution screenshots for you to enjoy as soon as we come across them.

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