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Xbox One
Games 18 hours ago

Microsoft Likely Developing ‘Magical, Delightful’ Next-Gen Technology for Xbox One

We already know that besides working steadily to improve the performance of the latest eighth generation Xbox One video …
Dying Light
Games 19 hours ago

Dying Light Face-Off: PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot and Video Comparison

You might already be slaying zombies in Techland’s brand new open world survival horror video game called Dying Light,…
Witcher 3 logo
Games 3 days ago

The Witcher 3’s Latest Build Runs at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One – Off-Sc…

CD Projekt RED’s upcoming installment in the most critically acclaimed action role-playing video game series is still …
GamesGeneral 5 days ago

Finally The Fate of Illumiroom is Revealed by Microsoft

Illumiroom was a technology under research show by Microsoft that used kinect and the sensors present within it to exten…
Call of Duty logo
GamesRumor 5 days ago

Insider Denies Call of Duty: World at War 2 Rumors – Hints at Black Ops 3 as 2015&…

Just when the ground started to warm up with peppery leaks and rumors suggesting that Activision and Treyarch are workin…
Call of Duty Logo
GamesRumor 6 days ago

Call of Duty: World at War 2 Reveal Coming in May – Official Promo Poster Reported…

While Sledgehammer Games continues to support the last year’s Call of Duty title that brought the series back on a mor…
Xbox One Logo
Games 6 days ago

More Exclusive and Crossplay Games Expected: Lots of News on the Xbox One

Apart from the Xbox One news on Windows 10 and DirectX 12, Phil Spencer also answered several other question on the gami…
DirectX 12 logo
GamesHardware 6 days ago

Phil Spencer “We knew what DirectX 12 was doing when we built Xbox One”

As often as Phil Spencer does, he comes online on his twitter page and showers it with fireworks. He definitely knows ho…
GamesSoftware 1 week ago

All The Gaming News From Windows 10 Event

Finally we’ve lived through the gaming part of the Widows 10 event and it gave us quite a few surprises. Some of t…
IndustrySoftware 1 week ago

Cortana Spartan And Continuum – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Windows 10 E…

With Microsoft’s Windows 10 event all set to take tomorrow, its time to take a quick recap at what we know about t…
PlayStation 4 console
GamesOp-Ed 2 weeks ago

The Console War: A Brief Look at 2014 And Predictions for 2015

Nobody needs to remind you again that we’re in the middle of the never ending console war and it’s never bee…
Games 2 weeks ago

Project CARS: All You Need To Know

This article comes from the fan request and its about time we gave you an update on which stage the upcoming Motorsports…
Games 2 weeks ago

Forza Motorsport 6 Starring The New Ford GT Announced For Xbox One Exclusively

The New Year may have just started but it brings good news for Motorsport fans all over. Forza Motorsport has announced …
Xbox One Logo
Games 3 weeks ago

Portable Xbox One Tablet – Learn How to Make it Yourself

‘Portable Xbox One’ is an awesome idea, but you’ve probably have heard of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 l…






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