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Batman (1)
Games 22 minutes ago

Batman Arkham Knight – Amazing Gameplay Trailer “Time To Go To War”

Rocksteady and Warner Bros have released an amazing new gameplay trailer for Batman Arkham Knight during which Batman ta…
Witcher DLC (1)
Games 1 hour ago

The Witcher 3 Temporary Fix for Error “CE-34878-o” on PS4

Community Lead & Website Coordinator at CD Projekt RED, Marcin Momot has released a Tweet regarding error CE-34878-o…
Batman Arkham Knight - Robin
Games 2 hours ago

Batman Arkham Knight – Awesome New Robin Poster Released

Rocksteady Studios has released a new poster for Batman Arkham Knight featuring Robin as he appears in the latest instal…
Witcher DLC (1)
Games 7 hours ago

The Witcher 3 SweetFX Ultra Realism Profile Available

Lugo Gaming has made available a video showing off his SweetFX profile called Ultra Realism. Displayed in 1440p, you wi…
F1 2015 (2)
Games 7 hours ago

F1 2015 First Leaked Footage Shows Incredible Detail

The very first gameplay of Codemasters’ F1 2015 title has leaked on YouTube, supposedly coming from a French TV sh…
Milleniym Falcon (2)
GamesRumor 12 hours ago

Visceral Games Teases Han Solo in An Open World

It appears that Visceral Games might be teasing a Han Solo open world Star Wars game, offering players the ability to fl…
Witcher DLC (2)
Games 14 hours ago

Witcher 3 PS4 Patch 1.03 and New Free DLC Now Available on the North American PSN; Adds …

CD Projekt RED has finally released the new update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with the free DLC on Xbox One, PC and Pl…
Games 14 hours ago

Evolve – Latest Update Adds Arena Mode For Free

Turtle Rock Studios has released a new update for Evolve, which adds Arena Mode. Get a first look at Evolve’s new Aren…
Games 14 hours ago

The Witcher 3 E3FX Mod Mimics the 2013 VGX Trailer

A new mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been made available, named E3FX which as the name suggests it tries to mimic …
Batman (1)
Games 15 hours ago

Batman Arkham Knight New Trailer Shows PS4 Exclusive Content, Amazing New Footage

Warner Bros and Rocksteady have released a trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight showcasing the PS4 Exclusive Contents (Scar…
E3 (1)
AnalysisGames 18 hours ago

Microsoft Has So Much E3 Content That They Are Struggling To Cut It Down

Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as the E3 to the video game industry is an annual gaming event where …
Project CARS
AnalysisGames 20 hours ago

Project CARS Dev: DX12 Will Improve Performance By 30-40%

The debate about DX12 is still at its peak and will stay that way until Windows 10 finally releases and we can witness t…
The Witcher 3
Games 1 day ago

The Witcher 3 PC Moving Well Away from the PS4 Version with Latest Update; Graphics Comp…

CD Projekt RED has released the latest update for the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, bringing the version to 1.…
Games 1 day ago

Battlefield 4 – Spring Update Released, Patch Notes Available

DICE has released a huge new update for Battlefield 4, which introduces five new weapons, revamps the damage, falloff an…
Halo 3: ODST
Games 2 days ago

Release Date for Halo 3: ODST MCC Announced

The official release date for Halo 3: ODST was revealed over at the official Xbox website, though as of this writing i…
GamesRumor 2 days ago

Industry Insider: EA To Show Off Three Unannounced Games At E3 2015, One New IP

E3 2015 is just around the corner, and over the last few weeks we had a few reveals including Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,…
Unreal Engine 4 (2)
Games 2 days ago

Downward – Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 Open World Parkour Adventure Gets New Teaser T…

Caracal Games released an amazing new teaser trailer for their beautiful Unreal Engine 4 parkour game, Downward. Downwa…
CD Projekt RED
Games 2 days ago

The Witcher 3 Awesome New Trailer “The Wolven Storm” Featuring PriscillaR…

CD Projekt RED has released a beautiful new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, titled “The Wolven Storm” …






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