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Sony and Microsoft’s respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles have been brought to life by the manufacturers by putting together small different pieces of very powerful hardware. Both the consoles rock top quality hardware including RAM, CPU and GPU. The central and graphics processing units of the next-gen consoles are specially made and customized by AMD.

AMD Event

Next-Gen Console Sales and Demand for Radeon Graphic Cards Boosted AMD Earnings

Advanced Micro Devices, abbreviated and most commonly known as AMD, is a veteran American multinational semiconductor company that manufactures computer related technologies and chips. Two most important components i.e. GPU and CPU of the next-gen video game consoles have also basically been developed by AMD, customized specially to fit each console.

Despite being one of the leading central and graphics processing units developer, AMD’s financial conditions over past few years have not been smashing. Other companies such as NVIDIA prove to be a durable competitor to AMD. One thing that makes AMD more notable over other computer chips manufacturers is that it powers PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and certainly this is why the company’s earnings have improved quite well.

PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Console wars have been around ever since the gaming industry started making substantial progress and the number of competitors started growing. Gamers have always preferred to chose one side over another and stand for it and especially now, when the PS4 vs Xbox One console war between the latest consoles is in full swing, it has become important to choose a side.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

Titanfall Developer Says PS4 vs Xbox One 1080p Debate Matters Little – Some Games will Always Look Better on One Console

No generation of gaming can be considered complete with out each contributing platform holder taking a flak from critics. Now when the gaming industry has stepped into a new era of video games, console wars have become more of a daily dose. At a brighter side, PS4 vs Xbox One debate also results in making respective manufacturers speed up their work in improving their consoles.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are having their fair share of criticism but on the charts, Microsoft’s latest video game console is considered to be led by Sony’s PlayStation 4. The main topic of most ongoing arguments nowadays is ‘resolution-gate’. The fact that PlayStation 4 is optimizing next-gen games according to developers’ commands and Xbox One is causing adversities is widening PS4 vs Xbox One debate.

It is not as serious as I state but still, users of both the consoles pay almost equal sum for their video game entertainment yet PlayStation 4 players enjoy almost all the next-gen games in native 1080p resolution running at 60fps while Xbox One users mostly get upscaled version of most next-gen games, some even locked at 30fps. Even Microsoft’s biggest exclusive title known as Titanfall does not run at native 1080p resolution on Xbox One.

PlayStation Vita Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment’s most critically acclaimed first-person shooter, always online multiplayer next-gen video game known as Titanfall has proved to be worthy of all the anticipation that was built upon it. Already out on Microsoft’s gaming platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Titanfall is growing to be one of the largest multiplayer Xbox One game.

PlayStation Vita  Titanfall

Sony offered PlayStation Vita to Respawn Entertainment for Titanfall – The Game was Prototyped Using Ratchet and Clank Engine

Respawn Entertainment signed an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft to keep Titanfall limited to only Microsoft Windows and Xbox consoles. However, new details reveal that after examining Microsoft’s Xbox One and becoming familiar with its hardware capabilities, the American video game development studio communicated with Sony to discuss specification of the manufacturer’s next-gen video game console.

This happened before Respawn Entertainment decided to sign Titanfall’s exclusivity agreement with Microsoft. According to the details, Sony refused to share talks regarding the specifications and hardware capabilities of its next-gen console and instead, pushed the developer for PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall but the results did not turn out well and Titanfall for PlayStation Vita never came into existence.

The new details were revealed in journalist Geoff Keighley’s newly released feature known as The Final Hours of Titanfall. The feature has been released in form of an app for iPad, Windows Surface and PC/Mac (via Origin). The Final Hours of Titanfall explains what was Repawn Entertainment legal situation during the development of Titanfall in detail. Thanks to Gamespot for picking up the important points.


GAME is among leading UK based online video game retailers, it also has a large chain of local stores which cater to the customers’ need for gaming products such as consoles and game discs. Recently, GAME announced that it is shutting down its Xbox-only GAME Boxpark video game products store that is located in London’s trendy Shoreditch area.

GAME Boxpark

Microsoft Exclusive Xbox-Only GAME Boxpark London Store to be Shut Down by the Video Game Retailer

Opened to public in June 2013, GAME Boxpark was structured to showcase Microsoft exclusive video game products such Xbox One and Xbox 360. The store was particularly planned to promote Xbox One and target the customers that would buy Microsoft’s latest console at its launch.

Explaining why the store is being shut down, GAME said that it was rented only on a “short-term contract.” The retailer has already shipped some of the store content to its other shops. The retailer also mentioned that GAME Boxpark was overall a success.GAME stores director Dave Howard spoke to MCVUK saying:

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is one of the many upcoming next-gen multiplatform games. Currently in development by RedLynx and Ubisoft, Trials Fusion is a racing game involving physics-based motorcycles. Trials Fusion is the first game in the franchise that would be released on PlayStation platforms. The game is set to release on April 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PC version of the game will come on April 24.

Trials Fusion 1

Xbox One Resolution-Gate Issue Continues – Trials Fusion Performs Better on PlayStation 4 than on Xbox One

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Xbox One is still suffering from ‘Resolution-gate’ issue. Developers are comparatively finding it cumbersome to achieve full video game optimization on Xbox One because of the lower specifications of the console, and yet another game has been declared running at lower resolution on Xbox One.

Ubisoft has confirmed that while Trials Fusion runs at maximum settings on PlayStation 4, they were not able to achieve full HD 1080p resolution on Xbox One. According to a Ubisoft representative who talked to VentureBeat, Trials Fusion will run at native 1080p resolution on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One version will be upscaled to 1080p from native 900p resolution.


Respawn Entertainment’s Microsoft exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter video game Titanfall is doing great across all Microsoft platforms until now. Unlike most multiplayer games, Titanfall went through a fairly smooth launch and few reports came about bad performance or bugs and glitches. Recently, Respawn Entertainment explained that DirectX 12 is not necessary for introducing new performance fixes into the game.


Respawn Developer Says DirectX 12 is not Necessary for Improving Titanfall’s Performance on Xbox One

Titanfall is not the best looking game ever made but it is clear that developer’s claims regarding this title were fairly factual. The hype and anticipation that Titanfall saw before its release was not completely misguided. The game performs very well on Xbox One but it does suffer with some common issues such as frame rate dips and screen tearing.

Titanfall, being a multiplayer game, will receive a lot of new patches and updates for performance improvements with time. Recently, Respawn Entertainment released a new title update for Titanfall introducing private matches and certain bug fixes for the game. According to a Programmer at Respawn Entertainment, Jon Shiring, the latest update does not include any performance fixes for Titanfall. However, performance fixes are in works and will be released soon.

DirectX 12 Xbox One

Last month Microsoft Announced the newest version of its famous DirectX gaming API at Game Developers Conference 2014. Microsoft showed off DirectX 12 alongside partners including Nvidia and AMD during a sponsored GDC session dubbed “DirectX: Evolving Microsoft’s Graphics Platform.”  DirectX will have support for PCs, laptops, Windows Phone devices, and Microsoft’s own Xbox One console.


Devs Response to DirectX 12 Doubling Xbox One GPU Speed Claim – New API Will Help but not as Much

Since its release, Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console is making its way through stiff criticism and condemnation. Many factors have contributed to build up this situation including some manufacturer’s mistake. However, Microsoft is trying its best to flip the cards in favor of Xbox One and it looks like DirectX 12 is coming very handy in this situation.

The upcoming DirectX 12 will bring along with it a new version of Direct3D API. Boasting a lower level of hardware abstraction for improved CPU utilization and enhanced multithread scaling, Direct3D 12 will offer reduced GPU overhead and a number of new rendering pipeline features that will help in improving algorithm efficiency. Microsoft claims that Xbox One will equally benefit from all new DirectX 12 features.


The highly anticipated Microsoft exclusive game Titanfall is just about hours away from joining the previous-gen Microsoft video game console, Xbox 360. Titanfall has already been released on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One but Xbox 360 version was delayed. With only hours remaining in the release, Titanfall Xbox 360 leaks have started to emerge.

Titanfall ss

Titanfall Xbox 360 First Gameplay Footage and Screenshots Emerge – Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Screenshot Comparison Shared

Titanfall is undoubtedly one of the biggest games of the year 2014. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall is neither the top visually impressive game nor does it have a very engrossing storyline yet still, the hype created for this game could have been no bigger. Titanfall is actually a first-person shooter always online multiplayer game which involves giant mech-titans and the player has to control them, this is one of the reasons why the game is considered so exceptional.

Titanfall took home with it over 60 awards when it was first revealed during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2013. It is developed exclusively for Microsoft platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PC and Xbox One version was scheduled for release last month and the fact that the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive was releasing same month made the hype for Titanfall go even bigger.

Xbox One

In the next-gen battle, Xbox One has taken quite a large amount of criticism from gamers and consumers. After Microsoft’s DRM policies, the Xbox One’s ESRAM has played a pivotal role in keeping the console in the path of constant criticism. Although, Microsoft keeps telling the developers and consumers that Xbox One’s ESRAM is for the best good of the console. However, It might take some time before developers know how helping ESRAM can be.

Xbox One

Microsoft Explains the Effectiveness of Xbox One’s ESRAM – Tells How it is Perfectly Capable of Handling the Bandwidth Challenge

It is quite well known that Microsoft’s latest video game console is suffering with resolution-gate issue. Developers are facing adversities in reaching 1080p/60FPS with Xbox One during development of new next-gen games. A number of next-gen games that have already been released are performing better on PlayStation 4 than on Xbox One. Because of these issues, more and more gamers are expressing their frustrations.

To buff the misunderstandings and clarify the true potential and effectiveness of Xbox One’s ESRAM, Xbox One Team Partner Development Lead Frank Savage tried to explain how useful Xbox One’s ESRAM can prove to be when console bandwidth has really started to matter. During a livestream presentation at Build, Savage explained how beneficial Xbox One’s ESRAM can be to developers to help reach 60FPS at native 1080p resolution during next-gen games’ development.

PS4 and Xbox One

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have almost completely taken over the internet gaming community. The combat between both the video game consoles is tightening up and it is difficult to decide which console will prove to dominate in the coming future. As people are becoming more concerned about the performance and hardware of both consoles, even entertainment program directors have started to benefit from the situation.

Xbox One Sheldon PlayStation 4

Watch How The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Gets into His Worst Dilemma While Choosing Between PS4 and Xbox One

Choosing which “side” to join in gaming is nothing new. It is coming along for years, but specially now, when two greatest rivals in the gaming industry have drawn their latest weapons, it has become very important to choose a side. There are various things you should be concerned about before buying your new console and don’t worry, several people will help you in the process, just like Sheldon did the math for you.

Its hard to decide between two systems when both of them have their own perks. Resolutions, frame rates, hardware sales etc, all these things have come to be of importance now. Well, if you’re still troubled in deciding or you just want a laugh on the console war, you should watch The Big Bang Theory’s leading character decide between PS4 and Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 Xbox One

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have become well adapted now and most gamers have even dumped their previous generation video game consoles just to put all their money in buying next-gen games. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have broken many sales records but Sony’s latest console has always stayed a step ahead Microsoft’s latest video game and entertainment system.

PlayStation 4 Xbox One

It is “Physically Impossible” for Xbox One’s Performance to Align With PlayStation 4′s – Gap is Unlikely to Disappear

The whole “next-gen” hype has been around for a considerable number of years. Back when PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were not revealed, each and every person in the gaming community monitored anything related to next generation of gaming very closely. In this situation, even a slight mistake could have been critical for both Sony and Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft did make some mistakes that left almost a permanent mark on Xbox One’s image.

Keeping aside DRM policies and other software issues, comparatively low Xbox One specifications are causing trouble for Microsoft. “Resolution-gate” is a visible and clear example. A number of next-gen games run better on PlayStation 4 than on Xbox One. Most analysts predict that this state of affairs will continue while some say that Xbox One will soon catch up to PlayStation 4.

Recently, XboxAchievements did an interview with Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder Lorne Lanning. Almost a week ago, the site posted an excerpt of that interview under the title “Performance Gap Between Xbox One And PS4 Will Disappear, Says Oddworld Creator”. It is stated in the post that Lanning believes that “disparity between the consoles is already disappearing” and Xbox One will soon be neck to neck with PlayStation 4.

Titanfall  2

Microsoft’s first-person, multiplayer shooter game Titanfall is the rage of the season. Expected to be launched solely for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PCs, the launch is highly anticipated. Titanfall is expected to launch on March 11th for Xbox One and PC users. However, Xbox 360 gamers will get it after March 25.
download titanfall Beta cheats tips

With so much attention and sales expectation around, retailers are obviously jumping on the wagon to offer Titanfall. Here are the best places and deals that could have you Titanfall when it is launched!

Titanfall deals:

The obvious choice:

Titanfall Xbox One 1

Update: It looks like Microsoft has created a number of Titanfall-themed Xbox One consoles for developers at Respawn Entertainment, @xRYAN350xCP has shared an image of Titanfall dev team limited edition Xbox One.

Original Story: Some of the earlier enthusiastic Titanfall hype was also funded by the reported limited edition Titanfall Xbox One console. The reports claimed that Microsoft was manufacturing a limited number of Titanfall-themed Xbox One consoles. After a number of rounds, it was confirmed that limited edition Titanfall Xbox One console was in development but Microsoft had to dump the idea because of the elevated manufacturing cost.

Titanfall Xbox One

Respawn Entertainment Tweets an Original Image of Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One Console – Customized Titanfall Xbox One was Real

For last two months, Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming online shooter Titanfall has been the focal point for almost all Microsoft gamers. First the rumors of limited edition Xbox One Titanfall bundle and then inauguration of Beta testing phase brought the gamers’ attention to Microsoft’s most awaited upcoming exclusive title.

xbox one
Games Software

Microsoft has started rolling out Xbox One March update today. This update is coming out before the expected release of Titanfall next week on March 11. Titanfall is an online multiplayer, first-person shooter game highly anticipated among gamers. This latest Xbox One March update brings some new features and bug fixes. These are related to console’s party and multi-player features in order to prepare for the Titanfall one march update

Microsoft Xbox One March Update:

The latest Xbox One March update includes better matchmaking, party chat and improved friends features among others. The major focus of this update is support for Titanfall as mentioned earlier. Exclusively being released for Xbox, Titanfall has been successful to attract quite a great hype around it. Considering this hype, anticipation and popularity for Titanfall, Microsoft definitely cannot risk anything going wrong. So it promises to give Xbox One users the best multiplayer service on the planet, as Larry Hryb – popularly known as Xbox Live’s Major Nelson – puts it.

The update includes changes to friends features as user’s friends list is moved to the center of the Friend app’s home page. The latest Xbox One March update also brings improved party chat support and profile features. You can quickly find and connect with people you recently have played games with, or against . Within the feed, you will now be able to see when your friends broadcast their gameplay via Twitch TV.

Titanfall  2

Microsoft’s greatest exclusive video game of this year is coming out next week. Titanfall is known to be the biggest Xbox One video game title that is coming in 2014. Respawn Entertainment finished the development work on Titanfall last week and the game is now being packed for sale. Below are some never before seen leaked Titanfall screenshots.


Never Before Seen Titanfall Screenshots and Maps Leaked – New Details About  Modes and Campaign Surfaces

Respawn Entertainment has already released a lot of details about its upcoming online shooter but there is still a lot about the game that will only come to light once it is released. However, leaked information is mostly worthy to check upon. A batch of leaked Titanfall screenshots appeared on the web, courtesy of Reddit user FallenFusion.

Leaked Titanfall screenshots reveal some of the game maps that were not available in the Beta version of the game. Along with the screenshots, FallenFusion has also leaked some new Titanfall details including new modes and campaign. According to the user, he got all these details from a “reliable source,” and looking at the screenshots he provided, it looks like leaked details can indeed be true. Following is the information leaked by the Reddit user so far.

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